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Youtuber Aisar Khaled Sexuality Rumors- Was He Dating Siti Sarah

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Youtuber Aisar Khaled Sexuality Rumors- Was He Dating Siti Sarah


YouTube: Is Aisar Khaled Gay? Sexuality Biodata And Siti Sarah Video

Is YouTuber Aisar Khaled gay? His admirers are raising questions about his sexuality.

Aisar Khaled is a popular internet personality, YouTuber, and blogger. Fans laud his personality and effervescent character.

The Instagrammer has garnered a massive fan following on Instagram with 344 posts so far. Before setting his IG page private, he genuinely apologized to late Siti Sarah, who passed away due to the complications of COVID-19.

If you’re unaware of Siti Sarah, she was a famous Malaysian musical artist. As per the BBC, the Malaysian singer died at the age of 37 on August 9, 2021.

She was pregnant and put into an induced coma, so her baby could be saved. After giving birth to her fourth child, she passed away.

Is YouTuber Aisar Khaled Gay? Sexuality Explained

Aisar Khaled is not gay. In fact, he hasn’t revealed or confessed his sexuality publicly in the media.

Besides that, he has a good-looking personality and body features.

His self-titled YouTube channel has 456k subscribers and has overall 26 million views on the videos. He usually uploads daily vlogs, pranks, and social experiment videos on this platform.

Aisar Khaled Wikipedia Biodata

Aisar Khaled has no name or biography on Wikipedia. However, we can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

How Old Is He? Coming to his age, Aisar’s current age is 21 years as of 2021. Sadly, his actual date of birth is still hidden behind the curtains.

Explaining his financial records, Khaled’s major source of earning is his YouTube channel. His income might be in thousands of dollars.

Discussing his parent’s details, his father and mother’s identities are out of sight now. Likewise, it’s not known if he has any siblings or not. There is no sign of his brother or sister on the web.

Aisar Khaled Apologized: Siti Sarah Grave Visiting Video As Content

Aisar is a prominent YouTuber and social media influencer. However, his recent immature act has become trending news on YouTube.

On August 10, he uploaded a video titled, “Aisar Khaled Melawat Kubur Arwah Siti Sarah Raisuddin”. In the video, he was riding to the graveyard of late Siti Sarah Raisuddin in Gombak. He also conveniently did a giveaway in that video.

He received tons of negative comments and dislikes in the video. Though he deleted the video, people are showing their anger and frustration towards him. Knowingly or Unknowingly, he hurt deceased Siti Sarah’s family emotions.


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