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Young Dolph Shooting Video and Suspects Name Revealed!

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Young Dolph Shooting Video and Suspects Name Revealed!


Young Dolph, a star rapper, was shot and killed on November 17 by an unknown gunman; let us learn more about his shooting video and the suspect’s name in this article.

Young Dolph, a well-known rapper, was shot and died on Wednesday inside the Makeda’s Butter Cookies bakery in Memphis, Tennessee.

According to reports, police have established that Dolph was the victim of the attack and have requested the public’s help in their investigation.

“If you don’t have to go out tonight, we strongly recommend everyone to stay home,” police stated.

“We also strongly advise everyone to maintain calm as we make our inquiry.” The Memphis Police Department is stepping up patrols in parts of the city where this terrible incident may directly impact.

Adolph Thornton Jr. was the rapper’s given name. He was born in Chicago.

He went to Memphis when he was a child and rose through the Billboard charts to become well-known.

Dolph’s King of Memphis album was published in 2016, and his 2020 hit ‘Rich Slave’ reached number three on the charts.

Thornton Jr. had been shot twice before, with a fully armored SUV saving his life in February 2017 and a significant injury later that year after being shot in Hollywood.

Young Dolph Shooting Video

Young Dolph’s arm appears to be hanging out one of the store’s damaged windows, according to footage obtained exclusively by The Sun.

According to the source, the video was captured only seconds before the rapper’s body was removed from the scene, who prefers to remain anonymous and initially published the 44-second footage on Twitter.

By Wednesday evening, the video, first filmed using Facebook Live, had received over 60,000 views on Twitter.

“They think Dolph is dead, oh my God. So Dolph is said to be finished. “As the video zooms in slightly to display the arm, the person behind the camera can be heard stating.

Moments afterward, people are seen being urged to back up by authorities.

The camera then zoomed in on the arm hanging out the window, revealing that police had moved it.

Young Dolph Suspect Name Revealed

On Wednesday, Dolph walked into the above-mentioned establishment when a vehicle pulled up and shot the well-known Memphis rapper.

After hearing the shooting, hundreds of people gathered outside the bakery to pay their respects to Dolph, with police attempting to disperse the gathering.

Investigations are ongoing, and rumors are circulating on social media that other gunshots involving other Memphis rappers occurred after Dolph’s death.

However, authorities claim that no further occurrences occurred in the hours following the gunshot.


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