Woom Sing Tse Suspect Alphonso Joyner Photos, Is He In Custody?

Woom Sing Tse Suspect Alphonso Joyner Photos, Is He In Custody?

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Alphonso Joyner photos claim that he is the killer of Woom Sing Tse.

Alphonso is now considered a murderer after his recent attack against Woom. Reportedly, he fired multiple shots at the victim near Princeton and Wentworth avenues.

According to CBS Local, the incident happened at around 12:30 PM on December 7, 2021. Indeed, Sing Tse couldn’t survive the tragic shooting.

Alphonso Joyner Photos Discovered

Alphonso Joyner’s photos were recently published online. From the footage of the attack, we can claim that he was the one who shot Woom.

Reportedly, the elderly man was on his way to buy a newspaper. During this time, Alphonso arrived in a blue car and volleyed gunshots at the poor guy.

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Multiple sources confirm that the shots were first fired from inside the vehicle. Later, the driver recognized as Joyner gets out and fires more shots at the victim.

Although the first round had not hit Woom, he was already visibly startled. Taking this opportunity, Alphonso finished his job right away.

After the shooting, the killer got back into his car and drove away. After just minutes of the incident, the Chinatown Community Watch contacted the Chicago Police department.

Well, Alphonso was seen driving near Kennedy Expressway at Jackson Boulevard. The police arrested him right away.

In the examination, the authorities found a gun with an extended magazine inside his car. Moreover, there was gunshot residue in his hand which confirmed that the shooter was Alphonso.

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Surprisingly, news broke out claiming that if he hadn’t been apprehended, others could have faced trouble. It seems the authorities have saved other lives after arresting Alphonso.

Woom Sing Tse Suspect Alphonso Joyner Has Been Charged

Woom Sing Tse suspect Alphonso Joyner is charged after opening fire. Also, he is accused of taking his life recently.

On December 8, Joyner was charged with first-degree murder. Reportedly, the victim was 71 years of age.

Well, the motive behind the shooting is yet to discovered. Hopefully, the police will make him speak as soon as possible.

Speaking about Woom, he had moved to the United States with a few dollars in his pocket. Well, he was the man of his community whose demise has shocked everybody.

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Does Alphonso Joyner Have A Wiki?

Alphonso Joyner’s recent mugshot was published on the internet. He is a 23 years old man who will soon spend his time in prison.

Right now, no wiki site has presented his biography. Nevertheless, there will be further updates about his case in the future.

Well, Celebsaga can claim that Alphonso had previously been arrested four times. Earlier, he was charged with gun charges.

Get To Know Killer Alphonso Family

Alphonso Joyner’s family is not proud of what he has done. There’s more to come from his household.

On the other hand, Woom was a family man. He was a father, grandfather, and an extraordinary husband.


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