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Winco Pillar and Mr Rivera Death News Update- What Happened?

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Winco Pillar and Mr Rivera Death News Update- What Happened?


Winco Pillar Death Body On Reddit – Who Is Raymundo Rivera?

Winco Pillar case in 2018 discovered Mr. Raymundo Rivera dead inside a column. See the crime scene photos and death body on Reddit. 

Raymundo Rivera’s body was found stuck inside a pillar at a supermarket in Lancaster. The body was decomposing.

Winco Pillar – Mr. Raymundo Rivera Case Explored

Winco Pillar incident in August 2018 was a bizarre instance. Mr. Raymundo Rivera was found dead inside a brick column.

Rivera was found at Winco Foods, a supermarket in Lancaster. The authorities discovered him on the afternoon of August 11, 2018.

As a matter of fact, a store manager identified something wrong with the column as he could sniff intense smell. Immediately, he called a plumber to have a look at what was inside.

Soon, the plumber took out some bricks from the support and tried to sneak inside. They found a leg and a shoe inside it that urged them to call the police immediately.

The corpse had already started decaying and decomposing, which had resulted in a foul smell. The authorities indicated he was found six days later, he stepped into the column.

Winco Pillar – Mr. Rivera Crime Scene Photos Exposed

Winco Pillar offense location pictures are all over the internet. The media have captured the scenes developed at the location.

As per the snaps in the media, blood seems to be dripping down a column at the entrance of a store. Bricks are broken so that the corpse could be removed out.

The Winco case is not murder as per the authorities. They say the man was trapped inside there as he tried to hide or pass around it.

Lt. John Corina said he could not imagine what it feels to be baked inside the column. He added it is one of the horrible ways to die.

Besides, the photographs of the deceased body have not been exposed to the media. They have captured only the events that developed around the spot.

The Winco Pillar death incident had raised some severe discussions on Reddit. Also, people are searching for body pictures.

Likewise, the users have expressed their feeling for Rivera, who was stuck to death inside there. Nonetheless, everybody thinks it is a horrible way to die.

Winco Pillar Victim – Who Is Raymundo Rivera?

Raymundo Rivera was a police suspect who had was fleeing away at the time. He had reached Winco six days before he was found dead.

As per the witness, Rivera had gone inside the Winco store as his vehicle crashed. Later, the police lost him and ended the pursuit.

It is not clear where Raymundo was from. Also, his biography was never exposed to the media.

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