Wikipedia: Where Is Opal Collins Today? Kentucky Murderer Who Slayed Her Husband And Family

Wikipedia: Where Is Opal Collins Today? Kentucky Murderer Who Slayed Her Husband And Family


Where Is Opal Collins Today? Kentucky Murderer Husband, Is She Still Alive?

Where is Opal Collins today? Is she alive or dead and what punishment did she actually receive for her crimes commitment?

Opal Collins is a convicted criminal.

She showed not even a single remorse after gunning down old and young-aged family members. Later, Opal revealed that she was encouraged to do so after her in-laws tried to break her marriage and make her and her husband apart.

Wikipedia: Where Is Opal Collins Today?

Opal Collins is either serving in Hammond jail or is dead today.

She had killed her in-laws, Julia Collins, her mother-in-law, Benjamin Collins Jr., and her two younger sister-in-laws Martha Ann Collins, and Mary Sue Collins. And, the reason she took on with this move was because of a seemingly trivial matter which is a family problem.

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As her in-laws were not moving out of her home, Opal made a plan to permanently make them not able to come home again. Well, she surely had made sure that her in-laws would not make an entry to her name and got rid of them through immoral ways.

This news gained wide coverage and was historically significant as it was the first time for a woman to have ever been electrocuted in Indiana.

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The Kentucky murderer Opal Collins’s husband was named Benjamin Collins Jr.

Yes, he was also one of the victims and was not spared life by his own wife.

More on her deceased husband, according to Gateway, Benjamin was a paraplegic veteran i.e., he was affected by paralysis of the legs and lower body.

It is found from Wikipedia that Opal and Benjamin fell in love nut it seems the tensions arose in their relationships afterward. Perhaps, because of the rising tensions, she did not even hesitate when killing her husband.

As said by Opal’s father-in-law Ben Sr. before, Opal had previously tried to kill Benjamin Jr. by setting fire to a special automobile and later by attempting to strangle him in the home.

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Is Opal Collins Still Alive?

We are unsure about whether Opal Collins is alive or not at present.

According to Nwi Times, she became the first woman in Indiana history who was sentenced to die in the electric chair. She was given this punishment on the 26th of October, 1956, and was sentenced to death in her 20s. And, her execution date was set for February 15, 2001.

Though she was put on death sentence, her death penalty was later commuted.



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