Why Was Jordan Rindgen Arrested? Broome County Man Accused of Rape and Assault

Why Was Jordan Rindgen Arrested? Broome County Man Accused of Rape and Assault
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Broome Countryman Jordan Rindgen was arrested. The assault rumor is swirling on the internet. Who was he? Here are the little-known facts about him below.

There are dozens of physical assault and murder news we hear every day on social media. 

Jordan Rindgen is a kitchen expert based in Binghamton, Broome County, New York. As per the source, Jordan has become the talk of the town. He is getting recognition due to the arrest rumors in the media. Not many details are disclosed about his arrest news yet.

Probably, we thoroughly dug into Twitter and Reddit but couldn’t find any clue about Jordan’s arrest warrant. We’ll let you know as soon as the secret information is unveiled. 

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Talking about his career, Jordan is a managing partner at the restaurants such as The Colonial, The Stone Fox, and Dos Rios Cantina, as per the source. Currently, he is the co-owner and general manager of Colonial. There is a LinkedIn profile of chef Jordan Rindgen. 

Why Was Broome Country Man Jordan Rindgen arrested?

People are anxious if he is arrested or not. So far, there is no arrest news of Jordan. Perhaps, it’s only a hoax circulating on the web. 

Apart from that, Jordan is a focused and determined businessman. Apparently, he is quite busy in his career, and he has no time to involve in this kind of controversy. 

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Meanwhile, there is no such arrest news revealed while scrolling the web. 

Was Jordan Rindgen Accused of Rape And Assault?

No, it’s not clear whether Jordan has been arrested or not. The physical abuse and assault are rumors only. The detained hoax of Jordan might hamper his professional career.

Without proper evidence and details, we can’t criticize Jordan. 

Reportedly, Jordan has discussed restaurant and bars curfew since November 2020, which has hampered his work and faced several adjustments throughout the year.

Besides that, Jordan is active on Facebook with good fan followers. 

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Jordan Rindgen Family And Wife Details

Jordan is a family man for sure. His wife is Reva Park.

By scrutinizing Jordan’s official Facebook page, he is married, and he is blessed with two kids, a son, and a daughter.

Discussing Jordan’s age, he is around 31 to 32 years old as of 2021. His exact date of birth is under the radar now.

Before joining Colonial, Jordan is a roast beef expert. He worked at the Krebs. With his knowledge and experience, he is now the GM and Owner of reputed restaurants in New York. 


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