Why Is Chris Cuomo From CNN Fired, What Did He Do, Did He Resigned?

Why Is Chris Cuomo From CNN Fired, What Did He Do, Did He Resigned?


Chris Cuomo is fired from CNN for helping his brother, who is currently engulfed in sexual harassment allegations. Get more deets inside the hot news here below!

Chris Cuomo is the former highlighted face of Cuomo Prime Time on CNN.

Known for his outstanding experience in the media and journalism, he is one of the veteran names in the industry.

Cuomo has been a part of top-notch media companies like ABC, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, among many others.

Recently, he, along with his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has been a part of a sexual allegations scandal.

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Due to that, Cuomo has been fired from CNN, making rounds on the news lately.

Why Is Chris Cuomo From CNN Fired? What Did He Do? Did He Resign?

Chris Cuomo has been fired from CNN as of December 4, 2021.

He was previously suspended indefinitely on November 30 after reports claimed that he assisted in the defense against the sexual harassment allegations of his brother, Andrew Cuomo.

His brother Andrew resigned from his position following a sexual harassment case.

Cuomo was reported to have participated in strategic discussions to advise his brother on how to respond to the allegations since May 2021.

CNN has termed Cuomo’s engagement in the national news as “inappropriate” and taken against him.

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Thus, Cuomo did not resign but was fired from his position due to mishandling his work position for his personal matters.

The news of Cuomo’s job has made headlines internationally.

Meanwhile, another side of the internet does not agree with CNN’s handling of Cuomo’s indirect actions.

They believe that CNN has become biased in this case as CNN did not fire Jeffrey Toobin, who was caught masturbating during a work meeting.

Likewise, Cuomo has opened about his actions and is speaking openly about the case on his social media handles.

Follow Chris Cuomo On Twitter

Chris Cuomo is a well-known journalist and media presenter; thus, he has the upper hand on Twitter with over 2.1 million followers.

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He is verified on the platform and other social media sites.

As a veteran and an interactive public figure, Cuomo’s media works were admired and idolized by many until his involvement in the sexual scandal of his brother was made public.

Even so, he is still followed and supported by many loyal fans due to his many years of hard work in the industry.

Meanhwile, Cuomo’s connections and his interference in CNN’s management system regarding the Andrew Cuomo sex scandal was the main reason behind his firing.

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