Who Was John Horton? His Cause Of Death And Accident Explained

Who Was John Horton? His Cause Of Death And Accident Explained


Who Was John Horton? Well, he was killed by his brother James Horton who lost control over his vehicle and slammed into a patrol vehicle.

A North Carolina State Highway Patrol Tropper was killed after his cop brother accidentally crashed into his cruiser during a traffic stop in Rutherford County on Monday night as per the sources revealed.

North Carolina State Trooper John Horton was killed after his brother, Trooper James Horton, crashed into John’s parked cruiser by sending it flying into James and driver Dusty Luke Beck.

The motorcyclist who had been pulled over by a trooper also died in the collision. He was a 15-year-old veteran cop and had asked for help from his brother when the accident happened.

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Trooper John Horton was killed by his brother James Horton. This incident has happened when he was on the motorcycle for undisclosed reasons.

His brother was coming in to assist him around 9 pm when the accident happened. The scene was near the traffic stop on High Shoals Church Road where his brother lost control of his vehicle and slammed into John’s patrol vehicle.

As Knox said James hit his brother and the motorcyclist who had been stopped and detained they stood on the side of the road.

After that, he was severely got injured and immediately transported to a local hospital. But unfortunately, he died on the spot because of the injuries.

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Along with this, his brother also got minor injuries after the accident but he survived. Along with John that motorcyclist Dusty Luke Beck also died in the same accident.

Meet John Horton Wife And Family

We believed that John Horton was a married man and he must be living with his wife. But unfortunately, as per the rules of the law, his wife’s identity is suspended.

Besides, there is only information about his brother who killed him in the motorcycle accident. His brother James Horton was his fellow officers and they both worked in the same place.

Till now there is no such information about his wife or any other family members. Along with this, he left six children behind his tragic death but yet it is not revealed.

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After his tragic death, his family is not in a position to explain everything to the media.

John Horton Cause Of Death And Case update

John Horton’s cause of death was nothing but he was killed by his brother. His brother loses control over the motorcycle and slammed his patrol vehicle.

The investigation of his tragic death case is still going on. Many people from social media are giving their tribute for his good work and people will remember this police officer forever.


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