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Who was Imani Bell? Check Death Reason, Cause of Death, Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Basketball Player

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Who was Imani Bell? Check Death Reason, Cause of Death, Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Basketball Player

Imani Bell

Back in 2019, on 13th August to be precise, the 16-year old Georgia School student named Imani Bell passed away while performing a drill for the girls’ university team in the scorching heat. In that context, the head basketball coach named, Larosa Walker-Asekere and the assistant coach in the school, Dwight Palmer were accused of several charges including child cruelty over a young girl and unintentional assassination and rash conduct for carrying outdoor basketball training in the excessive heat. As per the initial reports at hand, Bell who was reported to the student of Elite Scholars Academy was performing a fitness drill and for which she had to run up and down the football stadium tracks.

Who was Imani Bell?

In February, the family of Bell filed an unwarranted murder lawsuit against the school administrators, where it was said that the day when their daughter lost her life, the temperature of the area was as high as the 90s while the heat index also reached 106 degrees. On 11th August 2021, their case was provided in front of the Atlanta-area grand jury for final verdict and in which the jury accused the two coaches of several charges which include second-degree juvenile torture and second-degree death along with unintentional crime.

The father of the deceased, Eric Bell came out yesterday at a press conference, conducted on 11th August Wednesday and stated, “The misfortune that occurred with my daughter, Imani should not have happened.” Eric himself is a coach at another school in Georgia. At the time of his daughter’s death, followed by his institution dropping practice, Eric also stated that he cannot understand the thought that someone would have their child or the team out in the burning temperature.

In the lawsuit filed by the family members of the 16-year old, it was also accused that the two coaches involved in the case also neglected the heat warning that was issued that day. In the legal suit, it was alleged that Palmer and Asekere ignored the warning regarding the heat issued that day in their area at around 4:30 PM local time. The junior student fought to run up the stadium steps as instructed while practicing due to the extreme heat.

The 16 year Bell, was obliged to take the help of the rail to endure on her feet before fainting at the top of the stairs. On the same day, at around 6:00 PM, she was immediately rushed to Southern Regional Hospital, where the doctor later declared her dead. The postmortem report of Bell also indicated that the young girl died due to heatstroke caused by vigorous physical endeavor in excessive heat. Moreover, during the final verdict, the lawyer of the family, Justin Miller also revealed that the school administrators did not follow the rules that would have supported her to stay alive.

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