Who Is Yusef Jabryil Mcarthur EL? Darwin Boy Arrested For Murder Felony, What Happened?

Who Is Yusef Jabryil Mcarthur EL? Darwin Boy Arrested For Murder Felony, What Happened?

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Darwin boy of Stockbridge Yusef Jabryil Mcarthur EL allegedly arrested and charged with felony murder. Who is he? Here is his short biography explained below.

Yusef Jabryil Mcarthur EL is a young boy From Darwin. He has been taken into custody and faced a felony murder charge of a 14-year-old girl, Kyra Nevaeh Scott, Brandon’s sister. She was shot on Saturday during a robbery on November 27. 

The shocking part was that she was fatally shot by her 13-year-old brother, Wilson Brandon Scott. The tragic incident happened at home on Vicki Lane in Georgia. It’s heartbreaking news and a severe loss for her family. Police said Kiara was not breathing when they reached the shooting place in Georgia.

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The deceased brother of Kyra, Brandon, 13, was furious and insane. He was repeatedly saying, “Don’t Die, Don’t Die,” Straughn said. It was a frantic moment witnessed replied.

As per the source, the Sheriff County officers said, the 13-year-old boy was manufacturing weapons, semi-machine guns, and selling them on the streets of metro Atlanta.

Who Is Yusef Jabryil Mcarthur EL? See His Age And Wiki Biography

Yusef is a 19-year-old boy from Darwin. El came to Brandon’s house to purchase a handmade gun that was manufactured by himself. 

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Wilson Brandon Scoot, 13, fatally shot his sister, Kyra, in Georgia. He confessed to the shooting, authorities said.

As noted by CNN, Yusef, who had come to Scott’s house to buy a gun, stole it and tried to flee away. Scott has tried to shoot him but misfired gun killed his sister Kyra.

Where is he now? Yusef is in police custody and faced two felony charges of murder and robbery. 

Darwin Boy Yusef Jabryil Mcarthur EL Arrested For Murder Felony

Yusef, 19, has been handcuffed and charged with murder, police confirmed. Meanwhile, the 13-year-old Scott has admitted the shooting and faced a felony murder charge. 

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The police haven’t disclosed Yusef’s mugshot yet in the media. However, we can see his images on news channels. 

The whereabouts of Yusef’s family and siblings are kept suspicious at this time. 

People are sharing heartfelt condolence to the deceased Kyra’s family via Twitter. Late Kyra will be greatly missed. A 14-year-old Kyra Scott’s grandmother and aunt said she loved dancing, shopping, and design.

No doubt, the family of Kyra will not be able to see the face of their children, brother was under custody, and their young daughter passed away. 

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