Who Is Trevor Morse In Prison? SCDC Inmate Stabbed To Death, Find The Video

Who Is Trevor Morse In Prison? SCDC Inmate Stabbed To Death, Find The Video


Trevor Morse, the SCDC prison inmate, was stabbed to death following a scuffle with another inmate.

Trevor Morse, serving ten years prison term, was stabbed to death.

The incident happened in the South Carolina Department of Corrections in Columbia, South Carolina.

Trevor was twenty-seven years old at the time of his death.

Since his death, he is currently trending on the internet, especially on Twitter.

However, the death is yet not reported by major media outlets.

People are speculating that he was killed as he was a pedophile. It’s not uncommon to hear a pedophile being attacked in prison by other inmates.

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Who Is Trevor Morse In Prison?

As per the reports, Trevor Morse was stabbed to death in prison by another inmate.

Trevor hails from Spartanburg County, located on the south northwestern border of South Carolina.

Morse once served time in two dozen charges of child pornography.

The authorities first comprehended back in 2018 when he was 24 years old.

It was for his involvement in possession of child pornography. He was arrested by the Attorney General’s Office Internet Crime Children Task Force.

Besides possession, the culprit secretly recorded the video of the underage without her consent.

The charges levied against him were two counts of first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and 11 counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of minor, as well as ten counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a little, as per yahoo news.

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However, Trevor got released on February 23, 2019. The criminal could not stay away from committing a crime.

Thepedo was also involved in a gang and was the prime suspect of a drive-by shooting downtown Batesburg in 2018.

The shooting case landed him in prison for another ten years. The 27-year-old was reportedly found dead with a stab wound to his heart.

 Who Killed Trevor Morse? SCDC Inmate Stabbed To Death, Find The Video

It is still unknown who killed Trevor Morse, the SCDC inmate.

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Currently, news of Trevor getting stabbed has been trending all over the internet.

There is a video recording of Trevor inside the SCDC, which has gone viral.

The video was first released on TikTok as it seems another inmate was filming the video.

In the SCDC orange prison uniform, Trevor is questioned by other inmates about his child pornography.

In the video, inmates are heard talking to him inside the prison hallway.

As far as the rumor goes, the reason for his stabbing is associated with him being a convicted pedophile.

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