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Who Is Tex Kelly Aka Keith TikTok? John Kelly GoFundMe Page

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Who Is Tex Kelly Aka Keith TikTok? John Kelly GoFundMe Page


Tex Kelly Aka Keith TikTok – What Happened To Dad John Kelly?

Tex Kelly, aka Keith, is well known TikTok star. He is also recognized as the son of John Kelly. Read to know more. 

Tex Kelly and his father, John Kelly, are known to be social media sensations. Likewise, Tex has successfully garnered 2.2 million followers from his TikTok videos. 

His father John was the Co-Owner of Humboldt Construction. 

Tex Kelly Aka Keith TikTok – Who Is He? 

Tex Kelly also known as Keith in his TikTok videos, is a young and youth social media star who is popular not only in the States but all around the globe. 

His videos have helped many people with joy and smiles on their faces. 

Likewise, videos produced by the Tex and John TikTok have been featured on social media sites like Right This Minute and the LAD bible.

Both the father and son belong to American national and lived with their family in Eureka, California, in the USA. 

What Happened To Dad John Kelly? Details To Know 

John Kelly had passed away, and his family is currently grieving the loss. His father’s age seems to be in mid 50’s. 

Tex has set up a GofundMe page, asking for donations on his father’s behalf, and the family is dealing with a very difficult time. 

He has not mentioned the death cause but has mentioned hospital bills and expenses they had to go through due to his father’s illness. We deeply share our condolences with the Kelly family. 

Moreover, Tex has also shared a video of his father on his TikTok with the caption: “You’ll always be my hero. Until next time Dad. I love you so much.”

Many of Ted, and John fan followers who have watched their TikTok videos are donating a generous amount of donations on the page and has also shared obituary note on John Kelly. 

Tex Kelly Real Name

Tex Kelly’s real name is unknown. He is known as Tex by everyone and prefers to be called a Tex. 

Tex Kelly Age- How Old? 

Tex Kelly’s age is 24 years old. 

At the age of 24, Tex is a globally successful social media star who has earned enormous money through his videos, along with his father. 

Is Tex Kelly On Wikipedia? 

No, Tex Kelly’s name is not listed on Wikipedia. Even though he has millions of dollars and is boss of his own brand management and production company, Kelly is yet to make his name featured on the page. 

He is now working as an actor and a comedian. Tex has been planning to move to West Hollywood to pursue his acting career. 

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