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Who Is Susan Wright? Everything On Rep. Ron Wright Wife

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Who Is Susan Wright? Everything On Rep. Ron Wright Wife

What is Susan Wright Congress Age? Her personal information has piqued public attention amid her election candidacy.

Susan Wright is an American politician from the Republican Party. Currently, she is running for the election of the Texas House of Representatives for its 6th Congressional district.

According to Ballotpedia, she has progressed from the special general election on 1st May 2021.

Similarly, the lady claims she will carry on her husband’s reputation by supporting Texas’s economy and health care sector, as well as defending the district’s conservative values.

Susan Wright Age 

Susan Wright’s age seems to be in the mid-50s.


As there has been no information regarding the politician’s exact age and date of birth, we assumed her age on the basis of her recent photos.

Rep. Ron Wright Wife: Susan Wikipedia

Rep. Ronald Wright‘s wife Susan Wright is yet to be documented on the Wikipedia platform.

However, some of her information can be found on various websites amid the elections.

As Mrs. Wright seems to be a person who prefers a lowkey lifestyle, not much about her background is known.

However, as per her husband’s Wikipedia profile, we got to know that she has 3 children.

Susan’s husband, Ronald was an eminent American politician serving as a member of the Texas House of Representatives from the 6th Congressional District.

Unfortunately, he died on 7th February 2021 from COVID-19.

After his death, Susan has announced her candidacy in place of her husband’s vacant seat.

Her Net Worth Explained

Mrs. Wright’s net worth is expected to be in the millions.

However, if we are to be precise about the exact figure on her earnings then, unfortunately, the information is off the record.

Nonetheless, we are confident that she has been living a comfortable life from her earnings.

Meet Her On Twitter

Susan is available on Twitter under the handle @SusanWrightTX6.


She joined the platform on February 2021 and has nearly 6k followers on the platform.


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