Who Is Scott Myers? PA State Trooper Arrested Over Off-Duty Physical Altercation

Who Is Scott Myers? PA State Trooper Arrested Over Off-Duty Physical Altercation
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Scott Myers is a Pennsylvania state trooper who was arrested and is been ready for the charges to be explored. Here is everything about Scott Myers from his arrest to his wiki. 

Scott Myers is a Pennsylvania state trooper.

He was one of the troopers that were working with the state department and had a high post in the security.

But he was lately arrested due to some physical assault and violence he had done.

Who Is Scott Myers? PA State Trooper Arrested

Trooper Scott Myers is a security person who was arrested by the Pennsylvania police department.

Scoot was taken into the custody of the Pennsylvania state police on some charges of assault.

Trooper Scott Myers was arrested after an off-duty violent fight at a residence in Summerhill Township, Cambria County, in the early morning hours of Saturday.

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According to the statement, Trooper Scott Myers, 34, of Summerhill, was arrested during an off-duty violent confrontation at a house in Summerhill Township, Cambria County, during the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan. 8.

The altercation was between him and another guy, but the circumstances of the event and the other man’s condition have not been revealed.

Myers faces a felony charge as well as many misdemeanor counts in connection with a violent incident with another adult male.

He faces aggravated assault, simple assault, terrorist threats, and harassment charges.

Myers has been placed on leave without pay pending the outcome of the criminal accusations.

Scott Myers Age And Wikipedia

Scoot Myers age was 34 years old.

Scoot was a state trooper who was off duty in Pennsylvania state and was arrested.

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With his charges, he was suspended and was taken into custody by the police department.

As of now, not many details are mentioned about Scoot Myers, as it could also be something because of him being a state trooper.

The charges are also of a terrorist attack, as it is one of the most serious issues in the USA.

According to the Daily American, Myers worked shift alongside his father, Cpl. Myers, just before his retirement on March 19.

According to state police, he was working in the criminal investigation unit of Troop A, Ebensburg, before his termination.

According to investigators, Myers matriculated as a member of the 127th cadet class and enrolled with the state police in June 2008.

Trooper Myers has been suspended without pay until the determination of the criminal accusations against him.

So we can say that it might take a lot of time to know about the details information about Scott.

Scott Myers Jail Sentence Details-Where Is He Now?

Scoot Myers is still not yet sentenced to jail as he is still facing trial.

The trial might take some time and it could take years to bring him to justice.

According to the release and court papers, he was being detained in Cambria County jail instead of $30,000 in bond.

According to his court docket, his preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Rick W. Varner is planned for Jan. 27 at 1 p.m.

For now, he is taken under custody by the police department, and the investigation has begun about the charges that have been implemented.


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