Who Is Ruchi Kumar India TV? Kamal Khan Wife Name and Family As The Veteran Journalist Passed Away

Who Is Ruchi Kumar India TV? Kamal Khan Wife Name and Family As The Veteran Journalist Passed Away

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Ruchi Kumar, The wife of Kamal Khan, is an Indian Journalist who used to host the news show Aaj ki Baat.

Ruchi Kumar, the wife of Kamal Khan, is currently trending on social media after her husband passed away. The news of the death of a veteran journalist has taken the internet by storm.

Kamal Khan was the journalist of NDTV and has married Ruchi Kumar after falling in love with her. The couple had been residing in a government Bungalow in the Butler palace of Lucknow.

The late journalist took his last breathe today morning in his bungalow. He was Uttar Pradesh’s state journalist for NDTV and covered all the events.

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Ruchi is in deep grief due to the sudden demise of her beloved husband.

Who Is Ruchi Kumar India TV? Kamal Khan Wife Name

Ruchi Kumar is the Journalist of India TV and the wife of late veteran Journalist Kamal Khan. The couple had tied nod after falling in love despite their religious barrier.


Ruchi is currently the most searched name on the internet after the news of her husband’s demise has spread on the internet like a wildfire.

Although not much information about her is available, we have learned that she is also a journalist, a similar professional background as her husband.

The couple had a successful marital life despite the religious barrier. It was never an issue in front of the love and respect for each other.

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Is Ruchi Kumar Featured in Wikipedia?

Ruchi Kumar is still a long way from making it to the Authentic page of Wikipedia but has a commendable contribution in the journalism sector.


Ruchi has very little fame of her own and is known by the public as the wife of Kamal Khan. Mr. Khan was the executive editor in NDTV.

The doctors had proclaimed his death right after rushing to the hospital after suffering the symptoms of a heart attack today morning. 

Although Kamal khan was a Muslim and Ruchi Kumar a Hindu, love-filled their religious barrier and tied them to a sacred marriage bond in 1995.

The couple had been living with their son, Aman, in Lucknow and not reported to have any other children.

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What Is The Salary Of Ruchi Kumar?

Ruchi Kumar is a well-perceived journalist, and we believe that she receives a handsome salary. The respected journalist is an independent woman and very dedicated to her job.


Although there is no clear evidence about her salary, she has been working as a journalist for now and can provide for her family.

Her husband was also doing good in his career, and she was a great supporting partner to him as a fellow journalist. The couple had been doing good in life until a sudden heart attack parted them.

The couple never judged anybody based upon their religion and always kept humanity and love above all. They taught their kids just the same.

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