Who Is Quinn Campbell? GVSU Student Jumps Off Bridge 2021, Suicide Reason & Obituary

Who Is Quinn Campbell? GVSU Student Jumps Off Bridge 2021, Suicide Reason & Obituary


Quinn Campbell happens to be one of the 5 students from the GVSU, which the University lost this year on the 9th of December, 2021. Know his suicide death reason and Facebook details.

Grand Valley State University has recently come to the attention after the continuous student’s missing cases followed by Quinn Campbell’s mysterious suicide this December.  

Taylor DeRosa, Teleah Lowe, Katelyn Nylund, Brendan Santo are the students who went missing this year from the University, and nothing about them has been known yet. 

He was 2 hours drive away from his family, whom he visited 2 weeks ago before choosing death over life. Likewise, the family members were informed about the incident within 48 hours. 

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Obituary: Who Is Quinn Campbell? GVSU Student Jumps Off Bridge 2021

Quinn Campbell was one of those unforgettable students with a gratifying personality full of charm and positivity. He was a student from his freshman year at Grand Valley State University, located in Michigan.

The guy was home for thanksgiving before he returned back to his college. His mother stated that he appeared perfectly fine and happy with his friends in college.

On the other hand, Quinn’s parents have been appealing to other students to talk about mental health and seek help. 

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Quinn Campbell Suicide Death Reason

Quinn Campbell committed suicide by jumping off a bridge near his temporary residence in Allendale, Michigan. The main reason behind his gut-wrenching steps is his long-term depression. 

Although he appeared buoyant from outside, he was secretly dealing with his serious mental health illness on his own.  

Quinn Campbell Age And Parents

Quinn Campbell was a 19 years old teenager who lived away from his parents but visited them once in a while. He has just stepped into the 19th year of his life in September. Similarly, his younger sister at home, whose birth date was the same as Quinn’s, longs to see her brother.

The father has tumbled down in despair while the mother is devasted by the sudden death of his beloved son, who was fighting his secret depression. She is yearning to hear the stories about her son from his friends.

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Quinn Campbell Facebook

Quinn Campbell’s mother did not delay mentioning her post on GVSU’s Facebook page. She not only described how painful the situation was but also requested other students to talk about their mental health before it was too late.

The University has been providing free mental health counseling from an online trauma center this winter.


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