Who Is Peter Cundall Wife or Partner Tina Cundall? Gardening Australia Host Dies At 94

Who Is Peter Cundall Wife or Partner Tina Cundall? Gardening Australia Host Dies At 94


Australian Gardening host Peter Cundall’s wife Tina Cundall is devastated by the death of her life partner.

Much-loved Tasmanian broadcaster and gardener Peter Cundall, who hosted the ABC television show Gardening Australia for 18 years, died at the age of 94.

Following his death, everyone is curious about his family and wife, and how they are dealing with Peter’s pain and loss.

Stay with us as we walk you through every detail.

Who Is Peter Cundall Wife of Partner Tina Cundall?

Peter Cundall was married to his wife, Tina Cundall most of her life.

Peter met her first when he arrived in Australia in 1950 as a member of the Australian army. And fell in love with her right away.

Tima was a single mom to her son when she got married to Peter Cundall.

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Nothing much is available online about his wife Tina, however, we will update you soon with further information on the couple’s relationship.

Gardening Australia Host Peter Cundall Death Cause: Meet The Family

Sadly, on 5th December 2021, we lost the great host of Gardening Australia, surrounded by his beloved friends and family.

The cause of death is reported to be due to short illness. However, nothing in detail is reported yet. We were unable to obtain additional information on his death due to respect for his family’s privacy.

“Peter’s family has indicated that they do not wish to be contacted.” And we must respect their feelings in the aftermath of such a tragic loss.

While he was absolutely adored by many, as per Peter’s wishes, he will be cremated privately, with no memorial services.

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Peter Cundall, his wife, Tina, and two of his youngest son lived together on a three-hectare property in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley.

Peter was already a divorcee with four sons when he marries Tina. In addition, Tina was also a single mother to her son from her previous husband.

Following the failure of their first marriage, the couple finds in each other the ideal partner. And they were living happily ever after until death tore them apart.

Together the couple has seven sons including the four from his ex-wife and one from Tina’s ex-husband and 2 sons together.

We pray to God to give his family and relatives the courage and patience they need to bear the pain of losing such a loved one.

How Rich Was Peter Cundall? Net Worth In 2021

According to ncertpoint, Peter Cundall’s income per year was  $ 4,00,000.

He was an Australian horticulturalists in the profession. Along with that, he was a host of the ABC tv show, Gardening Australia for 18 years.

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Following his regular appearances on Gardening Australia, Cundall appeared on the ABC’s Can We Help? on 11 September 2009.

He was appointed for the “Help Wanted” segment to assist adenocarcinoma patient Michael Carson and his wife Dympna with restoring a vegetable garden in their back garden.

After his retirement from the ABC’s show, he goes on to write about his vegetable garden and offer gardening advice as a writer.

Peter primarily worked for the Mercury and Weekly Times newspapers, as well as ABC Organic Gardener Magazine as a writer.

He has achieved a lot of fame and worth, before dying at the age of 94. He lived a very fulfilling life.

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