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Who IS NRL Trainer Ronnie Palmer? Wife And Family Life

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Who IS NRL Trainer Ronnie Palmer? Wife And Family Life

Ronnie Palmer is an NRL legend who loves leagues after 40 years of age of business. Let us explore his private life and career at this moment. 

The veteran player Ronnie has been an incredible coach since the 1980s. He actually runs a fitness session. After decades he became a qualified trainer ever since.

Also, Palmer was given the nickname 40/ 20, which means he looks like 40 years old man, but his body is 20 years young teenage guy. Currently, he is in his 60s. However, his second half of the equation is still true.

Ronnie Palmer Veteran NRL Fitness Guru Details

Ronnie Palmer is globally known as a fitness Guru, including a former NRL trainer.

Recently, he has played an important role in the training and game preparation revolution, as per The Australian.

Well, the players who have been physically fit, a drastic transformation to their body from part-time players to the world-class athletes we know today. It’s all because of him.

Palmer Age And Height Revealed

Ronnie Palmer’s exact age is unknown.

Based on some online sources, he is arguably around 60-65 years by his looks.

Moreover, Palmer is Australian by nationality; ethnicity is probably white.

Besides all that, Ronnie’s height also remains under the radar.

We are unknown about how tall he is.

Who Is Ronnie’s Wife? 

Ronnie Palmer has kept his wife’s identity confidential.

He seems to be a married man, but still, we don’t have any prior evidence of his marriage.

Furthermore, Palmer might be living peacefully in Sydney with his wife and children whereabouts.

Due to his secretive nature, we failed to fetch his family background.

His Wikipedia: Does He Have One?

Ronnie Palmer’s name is yet to be listed on the radar of Wikipedia.

However, we can find his short biography in this wiki-style article.

Discussing his physique, Ronnie has tall height with a masculine body. No wonder he has an attractive personality. Even youngsters envy his body.


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