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Who is Nivine Jay Tiktok? Ben Affleck Drama Explained

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Who is Nivine Jay Tiktok? Ben Affleck Drama Explained

Nivine Jay is a TikTok star and actress. Get to know her age and Instagram. Is she dating Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck, who has had public issues in his past relationships comes into the spotlight once again when he matched a model, Nivine Jay on Raya. However, she thought it was a fake profile and unmatched him on the dating site.

But turns out, it was Ben after all. He later sent her a video message on Instagram confirming that it was him who matched her. Nivine then took it to TikTok and her video is viral.

Nivine Jay TikTok Age: How old is the influencer?

Nivine Jay has not shared her age or birthday until now.

The TikTok influencer was not much in the spotlight until she unleashed the drama between her and the Justice League star yesterday. But what we can tell you is she is younger than Ben who is currently 48 years old.

Moreover, she has an IMDb profile that shows 2 acting credits. The actress/model has appeared in The Donut Split and Space Juice. 


@nivinejaySorry Ben 🥺🥱 ##raya ##benaffleck ##dating ##fyp

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Meet Nivine Jay on Instagram

Nivine Jay has an excellent fan following on Instagram and TikTok. Follow her Instagram here. 

As of now, Nivine already has over 14k followers on Instagram and more than 18k followers on her TikTok handle. She has also accumulated around 210k likes on the video-sharing platform.

Jay recently uploaded a video about how Ben Affleck matched her on the dating platform, Raya. Her TikTok video has gone viral with more than a million views within a day.


Is Nivine Jay dating Ben Affleck?

No, Nivine Jay is not dating Ben Affleck. It seems quite unlikely because Jay exposed the Gone Girl actor on TikTok.

Affleck, who recently broke up with Ana de Armas, seems to be looking for love again. And he allegedly sent Nivine an Instagram message asking why she unmatched him on Raya.

You can find the video on Nivine Jay’s TikTok account. 


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