Who Is Neo Tiam Ting PBM And Why Is He Arrested? Bentley Driver Name Exposed

Who Is Neo Tiam Ting PBM And Why Is He Arrested? Bentley Driver Name Exposed


Audriana Karsky was identified as the second driver in Shawn Bradley’s accident. What are the arrest charges and where is she now? 

Audriana Karsky is the hitter in Shawn Bradley’s accident.

On January 20, 2021, an accident was reported. According to the report, the NBA star and cyclist Shawn Bradley was struck and paralyzed by a driver while riding his bike near his home in Utah.

In addition to that, the 7-foot-6 Bradley was subsequently hospitalized following the accident and underwent neck fusion surgery and rehabilitation.

Who Is Audriana Karsky? Shawn Bradley Accident Driver

Audrina Karsky was the second driver identified in Shawn Bradley’s accident. 

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30-years-old Karsky, allegedly struck from behind by an automobile while riding his bicycle a mere block from his home in St. George, Utah.

According to the police report by the officer named Williams, the cyclist was heading north on his bicycle on a two-lane street with no bike infrastructure when he approached a vehicle that had been pulled over along the shoulder of a road. In addition to that, he was attempting to pass this vehicle when a second driver, approached the NBA star from behind and attempted to pass him on the left with her car.

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He was thrown first into the rear bumper of the parked vehicle before being pushed up the length of that vehicle’s trunk, ricocheting into the side of Karsky’s vehicle, and finally landing on his back in the middle of the road.

Upon the investigation, police noticed the “fresh plastic on the paint” that came from Bradley’s handlebar end cap.

Arrest Charges explained – Where Is She Now?

Audriana Karsky was not arrested. As a matter of fact, no citations were filed.

She was unreachable when the Streetsblog tried to contact her.  Although data confirmed the cyclist was traveling at a low speed at the time of the collision, no indication was reported.

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Reportedly, the crash details were kept under the wrap until the Dallas Mavericks, for whom Bradley played the last nine years of his 14-year NBA career, issued a statement where promised to devote himself to bringing ‘greater public awareness to the importance of bicycle safety.”

Moreover, in a case like this police officers mostly assume the victims of a crash must have been at fault while the vast majority of car crashes involve driver distraction, recklessness, inebriation or other preventable error.

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