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Who Is NAVY Seal Medic Corey Scott And Where Is He Now? Shocking Confession On Iraqi Prisoner Death

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Who Is NAVY Seal Medic Corey Scott And Where Is He Now? Shocking Confession On Iraqi Prisoner Death

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Eddie Gallagher was cleared of most of the accusations against him in a spectacular court case that seemed straight out of a movie after a fellow Navy Seal abruptly admitted to killing the Iraqi prisoner of war. 

While Corey Scott was responsible for the prisoner’s death, he claimed that he did so to shield him from Iraqi torture.

The incredible trial is depicted in Apple TV+’s ‘The Line,’ illustrating how Eddie Gallagher could walk free thanks to a shocking confession.

Let’s take a closer look at the situation and see where Corey Scott is right now.

Who Is NAVY Seal Medic Corey Scott?

In 2017, Corey Scott served as a Special Operator 1st Class and a SEAL team medic in Iraq alongside Eddie Gallagher. He was a member of Eddie’s platoon and witnessed firsthand the events that occurred on the battlefield.

He was the medic who cared for the Iraqi war prisoner, whose murder Eddie was subsequently accused of. Eddie faced various charges, the most serious of which was the alleged murder of an Iraqi prisoner of war.

According to some of his squadmates, the distinguished Navy Seal was also accused of shooting at unarmed bystanders with his sniper weapon.

But, on the other hand, Eddie promptly addressed the allegations and categorically refuted them, alleging that they were created by dissatisfied soldiers unhappy with his command.

Eddie was arrested in 2018 on charges of attempted murder, premeditated murder, and obstruction of justice, based on the claims.

Where Is Corey Scott Now?

At Eddie’s 2019 trial, Corey Scott was scheduled to be the prosecution’s significant witness and testify against him. Instead, he was promised immunity after taking the stand, and he made a bombshell confession that threw the trial into disarray.

Corey said that he was the one who killed the prisoner. The medic indicated that the prisoner of war’s health was already deteriorating and that his new injuries further added to his suffering.

As a type of mercy killing, Corey asphyxiated the man to death rather than allowing him to be tortured further by Iraqi authorities.

After Corey’s revelation, Eddie was absolved of most charges and was found guilty of posing with the corpse.

What Happened To Corey Scott?

On the other hand, Corey was never charged for his crime because he was granted immunity before his confession. However, reports suggest that he may be court-martialed as a result of a possible perjury accusation.

There have been no reports on the court-martial, though. Therefore it appears that the charges have yet to be filed.

With everything going on in his life, it’s understandable that Corey would prefer to remain anonymous for the time being. Unfortunately, this, combined with the lack of new information regarding the Navy Seal, keeps his current location a mystery.

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