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Who Is Monique Mendy? Everything On Benjamin Mendy Mom

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Who Is Monique Mendy? Everything On Benjamin Mendy Mom


Who Is Monique Mendy? Benjamin Mendy Mom, Parents & Siblings

A famous French professional footballer, Benjamin Mendy was born to Monique Mendy. Know about Benjamin Mendy mother

Benjamin Mendy is also known as ‘Ben’. The footballer is famous for his left-back abilities. He played for Premier League club Manchester City.

And also for the France national team. He won the national championship in 2016-2017 with Les Olympiens.

He won the Premier League in his first season in England. He was chosen later in France’s squad for the 2018 World Cup and they won.

Monique Mendy is the mother of Benjamin Mendy. She gave birth to Benjamin on July 17, 1994. So his zodiac sign is Cancer.

It has been 27 years that she bore Benjamin. She must be proud of his son who has been keeping a record on the sports field.

Monique was with her husband in Longjumeau, France when Benjamin was born. They belong to the black ethnicity.

Since childhood, Benjamin was an addict to PlayStation. Monique quoted on Bejamin’s habit that reads;

“Mendy had lots of childhoods fans as my youngster. This was because his PlayStation he’s really good.”

But lately, her pride has gone into vain as Benjamin was convicted of sexual assault. It started last October 2020 till date.

Currently, he is under the custody of the police and has yet to appear in court.

Meet Monique Mendy Husband

Monique Mendy’s husband is Mendy Snr. Benjamin. The family has got root from cote d’Ivoire. They followed the Islamic religion.

The couple gave birth to a son. However, there is no information on them having other children.

Mendy Snr. seemed no longer alive as he is not mentioned on Benjamin’s bio.

The celebrity mother doesn’t have a husband or daughter-in-law or any grandchild.

Does Monique Mendy have another kid? Benjamin’s siblings

There is no record of Benjamin Mendy having any siblings. He has not shared anything on his social media too.

Like Monique said about Benjamin that he was obsessed with games, till now the behavior reflects on him.

He found to be sharing his professional affairs the most. Few other French footballers are mistaken as Benjamin’s brother.

Abdoulaye Doucoure and Ferland Mendy are not Monique’s children. They are just fellow players of Benjamin.

What is the Net Worth of Monique Mendy?

Monique’s Net Worth is not disclosed in any of the media. However, the estimated Net Worth of Benjamin Mendes is $10million.

It is sad that the reputed player with good fortune fell into the insanity of sexual assault.

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