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Who Is Michael Corn? Learn Everything About Television Producer

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Who Is Michael Corn? Learn Everything About Television Producer


Who Is Michael Corn Wife? Age and Wikipedia – Is He Married?

Michael Corn wife has not spoken since the sexual assault allegations. What is the drama?

Corn is the president of NewsNation Network. Previously, he served as the senior executive producer for GMA between 2014-2021.

However, new claims allege that something happened when Michael worked in GMA.

Michael Corn is a married man with a wife but his spouse name is not avaibale.

Corn is the former senior executive producer at ABC News. He was recently accused of sexual assault by 31 years old producer,  Kirstyn Crawford.

Crawford alleges that Corn assaulted her when she reported the producer at “Good Morning America” in 2015. Michael supposedly “touched and kissed” her on a Uber trip when they were returning back after covering the Oscars.

On the other hand, Corn entails a different story. He accuses Kirstyn of making sexual advances on multiple occasions. Moreover, Crawford allegedly communicated with Michael and his wife even after leaving her ABC position.

Michael Corn’s partner has not given any statement on the matter. Due to the sensitivity of the case, she might be protecting her identity right now.

On his Instagram profile, Corn writes “dad”. Furthermore, Michael Corn and his family currently live in New York City.

Learn About Michael Corn Age and Wikipedia

Michael Corn age seems around his 40s.

He attended the University of Michigan to pursue his bachelor’s degree. Soon after his graduation, Corn moved into career heights.

In 2002, Michael became the senior producer at ABC News. He held the position up to 2011. The same year, he was promoted as the Executive Producer for World News with Diane Sawye.

During this time, Michael Corn’s net worth soared rapidly. It is estimated that news producers at ABC earn an average salary of $120,000 annually.

Despite his fame, Michael Corn is absent from the Wikipedia website.

But, Michael Corn does have a Twitter biography with 3.6k followers. You can follow his verified account as @michaelcorn.

Michael Corn Sexual Assualt Controversy

Michael Corn sexual assault controversy has gained massive attention.

Corn has a total of two women accusers to date. Another ABC News producer, Jill McClain, has also come forward with similar allegations that took place a decade ago.

However, Jill is not suing Michael like Crawford is. Nevertheless, she is reportedly supporting the legal case on Crawford’s side.

On the other hand, Corn has released six emails that were sent by Crawford around the time when the alleged sexual assault took place. And, he claims the mail point otherwise.

Furthermore, he has equally dismissed Jill’s allegations. The full report is still on the way.

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