Who Is Melissa Ewings? Missing Case Update -Is She Found Alive? Details To Know

Who Is Melissa Ewings? Missing Case Update -Is She Found Alive? Details To Know
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Melissa Ewings, the girl to have gone missing from her Clarance home, is under investigation. Is she found alive? Missing case update. Know her age, family, and wiki. Where is she from? 

Melissa Ewings went missing from her location on the 20th of September. The day was Sunday when she was noticed in the neighborhood for the last time as per her family and colleagues.

During the initial investigation, every possession of the girls including a car, wallet, and phone were found. Nothing was missing from her residence except her in the initial findings.

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The case has several updates from finding her cellphone with 100m circle of her home to getting the Bluetooth signal from a friend’s phone in the river area. But it still remains unsolved unless the body of the girl will be found.

Who Is Melissa Ewings? Missing Case Update: Is She Found Alive?

Melissa Ewings’s missing case has started fading as police could not get any clue even after a deep investigation. She is now believed to have been drowned inside the Clarence river near her home.

They assumed that the river seemed different since her disappearance. However, the dead body of the girl is still missing and she has not been declared dead. Furthermore, another man’s dead body was discovered after the incident.

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Melissa Ewings Family Details

Melissa Ewings lived with her family in Canterbury, Christian Church. She lived with her parents and siblings on top of being in a relationship with her partner Fernando.

The fun and adventure-loving Melissa was expected to return after a few days as or her family members. But they now happen to be downhearted at her return.

Melissa Ewings Age and Wiki

Melissa Ewings was at the age of 31 years when she went missing a year ago in the month of September. She was born in the late 1980s. Likewise, she described herself as a kiwi girl that loves to travel.

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The social media active girl’s last post happens to be in the same month or a month before she went missing. On the other hand, she was involved in the beekeeping business.

Where Is Melissa Ewings From?

Melissa Ewings comes from the homeland of Clarence, Kaikoura. She went to Canterbury Christian College. The girl was an absolute adventure lover who preferred a vegan diet.

The travel-savvy had witnessed varieties of animals and social life in Srilanka to the most astounding beaches and mountains in Australia.

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