Who Is Marlys Sather And Why Was She Killled By Chadwick Willacy? Murder Story & Obituary

Who Is Marlys Sather And Why Was She Killled By Chadwick Willacy? Murder Story & Obituary
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Who is Marlys Sather and why was she murdered by Chadwick Willacy? Is the killer still in prison today? Here’s everything you should know about the case.

Marlys Sather, a caring mother, and grandmother had relocated to Florida with her husband, Ricard, to be closer to their grandson.

However, only five years later, they both died within two months of each other.

Marlys’ death in September 1990 made news in Florida, while Richard died of cancer.

Moreover, Marly’s terrible murder at her house is chronicled in Investigation Discovery’s “The Bloody Fingerprint.” Marly’s killer was someone she knew in the end.

Who Is Marlys Sather? A Murder Story And Wikipedia

Marlys Sather was a victim of a robbery at her house in Palm Bay, Florida, in 1990 when her neighbor, Chadwick Willacy, killed her in the most horrific manner possible.

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In May 1934, Marlys Mae Sather was born in Minnesota. Rayland Richard, whom she married in 1953, was one of her close friends.

Marlys worked as a clerk at a federal military facility after initially being a stay-at-home mother.

Later, the couple relocated to Palm Beach, Florida, sometime in 1985. At the time of the incident, she was employed as a contract negotiator by Harris Corporation.

Marlys divides her time between work and family as a brilliant woman and a caring grandmother. After Richard’s death from liver cancer in July 1990, she had been living alone

Marlys’ son-in-law, checked on her on September 6, 1990, after her company stated she hadn’t been seen since her launch break the day before.

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Loveridge discovered his mother-in-law dead in one of the house’s bedrooms. When the cops arrived, they discovered the back door was open, as well as valuables and a shotgun on the porch.

In that case, the authorities’ original impression was that the incident had been staged. The bedroom had been turned into a gruesome crime scene.

Marlys’ ankles were wrapped with wire and duct tape as she lay on the ground. Her neck was encircled by an electric cable. She had been suffocated, and she had suffered a head injury from blunt-force trauma.

It was also clear that someone had used gasoline to create a fire in the bedroom. Marly was alive when she was set on fire, according to the autopsy.

Furthermore, after a brutal beating, the cause of death was determined to be smoke inhalation.

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Is Killer Chadwick Willacy In Jail? Where Is He Today?

According to his jail records, Chadwick is still on death row at the Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida.

He was convicted of premeditated murder in the first degree, burglary, robbery, and arson in October 1991.

In December of that same year, he was sentenced to death. Subsequently, on appeal, his death sentence was vacated. The Florida Supreme Court upheld Chadwick’s death sentence in 1977.

During his initial interrogation, Chadwick told the police that he did not know about the murder. However, his story began to disintegrate once he was presented with additional evidence.


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