Who Is Linda Ricchio? ‘Fatal Attraction Killer’ Shot Her Ex-Boyfriend Ron Ruse

Who Is Linda Ricchio? ‘Fatal Attraction Killer’ Shot Her Ex-Boyfriend Ron Ruse


Who Is Linda Ricchio? ‘Fatal Attraction Killer’ Story

The real-life fatal attraction of Linda Richhio who killed ex-boyfriend Ron Ruse has been explained in the article below. Stick with us to learn about Linda and her whereabouts.

Linda Elizabeth Ricchio is mostly known to be the woman who killed her boyfriend Ron Ruse.

In addition, from 1980 to 1987, she was so in love with her boyfriend Ron Ruse, she would do anything to keep him.

But when Ron wanted to call it quits, Linda turned to years of stalking and harassment in order to win him back.

When it was finally over, she’d never been with Ron again. Neither would anyone else. This is a Real-Life Fatal Attraction of Linda Ricchio.

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Linda Ricchio was a former San Diego State University student who has been charged with stalking her ex-lover for months.

As per the reports, she met Ronald Lewis Ruse Jr. at a car dealership where they both worked in the early 1980s.

Linda worked at the front desk while Ron worked as a mechanic. They began dating in September 1980, and by September 1980, they were living together. She went on to San Diego State University to pursue a career in photography.

While the relationship began out well, with both of them happy, Linda’s obsessive desire to be with him at all times pushed Ron to his breaking point. As a result, he made plans to leave and rented a home without informing her.

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Fatal Attraction Killer Story Explained: Ex-Boyfriend Ron Ruse

After murdering Ron Ruse, a man she had dated for many years, Linda Ricchio was dubbed the “Fatal Attraction Killer.”

This case is included in Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Tainted Love,’ as one of three murders investigated in the program.

It’s the story of a dumped girlfriend who followed her ex-boyfriend around for months, refusing to let him move on with his life.

Linda shot Ron twice outside his apartment with a.38-caliber handgun on December 14, 1987.

She is accused of stalking her ex-lover for months, renting an adjacent apartment, and then fatally shooting him after he refused to rekindle their relationship.

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Where is Linda Ricchio Today?

As of today, Linda Ricchio is imprisoned at the California Institution for Women in Chino, Riverside County, according to prison records.

She was found guilty of first-degree murder in June 1989. She was given a sentence of 27 years to life in prison.

Linda’s parole has been denied numerous times throughout the years. She agreed to forego a parole hearing in 2019 in exchange for admitting that she was unfit for parole. Ron’s father was happy with the outcome, however, the grief of his child still remains today.

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