Who Is Levi Haami? 18-Year-Old Christchurch Teen Dies After Beeing Punched

Who Is Levi Haami? 18-Year-Old Christchurch Teen Dies After Beeing Punched

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Levi Haami, a Christchurch adolescent, died after being beaten, prompting a homicide investigation. Here is what we know about the story.

Police are looking for a guy they suspect punched a teenager to death in a Christchurch supermarket parking lot.

Around 2 a.m. on Saturday, emergency services were dispatched to the Countdown car park on Moorhouse Ave, Sydenham, after Levi Haami was discovered with significant injuries.


Who Is Levi Haami? How old was he? His Age Revealed

Levi Haami, an 18-year-old, was rushed to Christchurch Hospital and put on life support in an authoritarian state.

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On Sunday afternoon, he passed away surrounded by family and friends. The police have begun a homicide investigation.

Several people witnessed the attack and appreciated those who came forward with information.

“We are aware that there are others who have yet to speak with us, and we strongly encourage them to do so.”

Haami’s family did not respond to a request for comment. On Saturday, forensic investigators looked for clues at the incident scene in the parking lot.

Armed police stormed the streets of central Christchurch on Saturday night.

According to a police spokesperson, they were looking for a “wanted offender” who had not been found.

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Who are Levi Haami Parents?

The victim, Levi Haami’s parents, are naturally heartbroken as they cannot cope with such a huge loss. Despite the assistance, the parents are struggling immensely with the news of such a young child’s demise.

“This is a horrible consequence, and we’re investigating the murder of a young kid in our town once again this year,” said Detective Inspector Joel Syme.

Does Levi Haami have an Instagram Account?

Levi Haami’s Instagram account is not yet identified.

Further, not much information is revealed regarding his life’s bio and details. 

Further investigation is still ongoing, and the police officials are yet to catch the culprit.

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Levi Haami: Death Cause Revealed. Who Punched Christchurch Teen?

In the Countdown grocery store parking lot on Moorhouse Ave in Christchurch, police investigate a criminal offense scene.

The 18-year-old was rushed to Christchurch Clinic in a critical condition and placed on life support. On Sunday afternoon, he died surrounded by friends and relatives. The police have launched a murder investigation.

“It’s a horrible outcome, and we’re investigating the homicide of an adolescent in our area once more this year,” Detective Inspector Joel Syme said.

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