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Who is Leonardo Hathaway? Meet Lucene Duarte Son On Instagram

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Who is Leonardo Hathaway? Meet Lucene Duarte Son On Instagram

19-year-old age Leonardo Hathaway has come into the limelight after he created his mother’s account in Only Fans.

Who is Leonardo Hathaway? To learn everything about him, read the article below.

Leonardo Hathaway is the son of Lucene Duarte.

Lucene Duarte works as a model for magazines. Leonardo has set up her Only Fans account to boost her modeling career and increase his pocket money.

Leonardo Hathaway Age

As per the news published in Daily Mail, Leonardo’s age is 19 years old.

There is no more information about his birthday and more.

Who is Leonardo Hathaway?

Leonardo Hathaway is a teenage son, of a model and former miss bum bum winner Lucene Duarte.

Leonardo has just gone viral for creating Only Fans account for his mother.

Lucene Duarte works as a model for online magazines. She has posed for Playboy Portugal and FHM Australia. She is also an Instagram model.


She has a huge fan following of almost 945k on Instagram.

Lucene has already posed for bold photoshoots. Now her son has only taken a step to make her more naked.

Leonardo believes that this will help in his mother’s modeling career and also in their financial status.


Lucene has mentioned that her son has always supported her. This mother-son duo is close more than normal, and sometimes people questions their relationship.

But Lucene swears that there is no oedipal complex between them.

Leonardo Hathaway Wikipedia

As Leonardo just became viral because of creating Only Fans account for his mother, he is not listed on Wikipedia yet.

He is from London. He is also a model like his mother.

On his Instagram bio, we can see him introducing himself as a London-based male model, blogger, and public influencer.

Besides this, there is no more information revealed about him.

Leonardo Hathaway Instagram

Leonardo is quite active on social media. He has an Instagram account @leonardohathaway with almost 2.3k followers.


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