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Who is Kidd Wes? Meet The Rapper Suing Childish Gambino

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Who is Kidd Wes? Meet The Rapper Suing Childish Gambino

Rapper Kidd Wes is suing Childish Gambino in copyright issues. Get to know his net worth and age. What is his real name?

Childish Gambino’s This is America became a global hit and went to bag the Grammy Record of The Year. However, a rapper has issued a copyright claim on the song as he claims to have made it 2 years before the release of the song.

Kidd Wes is a rapper who is suing Childish Gambino, co-writers of the song, This is America, and the record label that produced it. Moreover, his lawsuit also includes Young Thug, who gave backup vocals.

Kidd Wes Rapper Net Worth And Earnings

Rapper Kidd Wes’s net worth and earnings remain yet to be known.

He is a small-time rapper compared to Childish Gambino. He is from Miami, Florida, and uploads his music on platforms like Soundcloud and Youtube. Moreover, he does have around 115 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Kidd Wes claims that Childish Gambino ripped off his song, Made in America, which he released in 2016. The chorus part of the song allegedly matches Gambino’s This is America which was released two years later.

This is America won the Grammy Award for the Record of the Year.

Kidd Wes Age and Real Name

Kidd Wes has not revealed his age and birthday until now.

Moreover, his real name is Emelike Nwosuocha but he goes by the name, Kidd Wes. He uploads his music on Youtube and has around 400 subscribers on the platform.

The rapper has already released two albums and he is signed to the record, Young World Life LLC.

Kidd Wes: Is he on Wikipedia?

Kidd Wes doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography for the time being.

He is not much active on social media either. However, amid the lawsuit and copyright claims, the rapper has been getting a lot of the spotlight recently.

We will update you about how the case develops.

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