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Who is Kate Haralson On Tiktok? Meet Matthew Perry Matchup On Raya

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Who is Kate Haralson On Tiktok? Meet Matthew Perry Matchup On Raya

Kate Haralson On Tiktok shared some clips of Matthew Perry and her face-timing On Raya. Learn what is the age of the young girl.

Haralson has been going viral on social media after she posted some videos of her talking to the Friends star, Matthew Perry.

The young girl had matched up with Matthew Perry on the dating app, Raya, and said to have played 20 questions with him. Matthew had recently broken up with his former fiancée Molly Hurwitz.

This has enraged fans all over the internet about how she was the one who had talked to him now is acting as she didn’t want to.

Kate Haralson TikTok: Matthew Perry

Kate Haralson had shared some clips on her Tiktok of the conversations between him and super celebrity, Matthew Perry. 

She had matched up with him on the dating app on Raya and had talked to him for a while before they face-timed each other.

In the clip, we can see Matthew talking to her and she later revealed that they had played “20 Questions” as well.

She posted the video saying it was cringe and uncomfortable which angered many fans across the web.

The young girl later clarified that she just wanted to inform people that a lot of guys in Hollywood talk to young girls.

A similar incident had occurred with Ben Affleck who had another TikTok user post his video with similar indications.

Kate Haralson Age and Height

Kate Haralson is 19 years of age, as claimed by many sources.

We are unaware of other personal details of her physical features or her family.

Kate Haralson looks attractive with a genuine height.

Kate Haralson Instagram

Kate Haralson is on Instagram @kateharalson.

It seems that she had allegedly made her account private after many people called out to her on the incident.


Likewise, she is also on Twitter @KateHaralson which is also made private.

A lot of people have tweeted out their anger and frustration. They claim she was also the one who talked to him but now is acting like she didn’t want to.


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