Who Is Josephine Rosenthal Daughter Maria Rosenthal? The Child Born Through Hermaphrodites Concept

Who Is Josephine Rosenthal Daughter Maria Rosenthal? The Child Born Through Hermaphrodites Concept

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Maria Rosenthal was a child who got conceived by a hermaphrodite mother, Josephine Rosenthal.

Maria Rosenthal was a child conceived through no physical contact, getting worshiped as an avatar of Jesus Christ.

Despite carrying the heavy burden, she promoted feminism and reclaimed the respect of women.

After death, her face was cut off and mummified. Her cadaver got maintained in a package along with a vile of her blood and a hair fragment.

On exploration of her genetic making, investigators found that they were of extraordinary kinfolk as both mother and daughter were hermaphrodites.

Who Is Maria Rosenthal? Josephine Rosenthal Daughter

Maria Rosenthal was born in Hohenwart Monastery through immaculate conception in the 1740s.

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As the news of her conception traveled across towns, they imagined it to be a decree by the Gods.

Fellow father Alaric tried to quell the speculations to give the heavily pregnant woman some privacy.

Indeed, she got moved to the prestigious chapel under the command of Bishop Dositheus. 

Sadly, the mother could not endure the pregnancy, and the child was early.

The daughter, christened with the name Maria made a full recovery and went on to get raised by nuns.


How Did Maria Rosenthal Get Conceived?

Sister Josephine Rosenthal got shunned by her community after getting pregnant with her daughter Maria Rosenthal. 

As it was the 1740s, people were very conservative and a nun becoming pregnant was against social ethics.

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After examinations got completed, the villagers cut off all contact with the young girl.

Despite the glares and from the people, she carried her child to six months term before the story reached the ears of Abbot.

Indeed, she got brought to the council of Benedict, where she underwent a virginity examination.

Miraculously, she had not broken her hymen and remained a virgin.

Thus, she got deemed to have had an immaculate conception. She is only of the few women in history to report to have undergone this condition.


What Did Maria Rosenthal Do?

Maria Rosenthal was a gift from God until the bishop realized that her gender did not match the description.

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Saddened at the turn of the event, the father declared the child to have never survived.

But the nuns came to her rescue, revealing that the kid was a present from the holy, not minding her gender.

In later life, she worshipped and wrote two treatises about the condemnation of the female.

By 33, she fell gravely unwell with an undisclosed disease, leaving her disciples devastated.

As Jesus Christ died around the same age, her holiness got further cemented in the eyes of her devotees. 


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