Who is Jeffrey Alsbrook? Everything About The Capitol Hill Staff Who Brought A Gun Inside

Who is Jeffrey Alsbrook? Everything About The Capitol Hill Staff Who Brought A Gun Inside


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Who is Jeffrey Allsbrook? He was the armed man that sparked an alert from the US Capitol Police to find a shelter and hide.

Jeffrey is a staffer with the House Chief Administrative. He claimed to have forgotten about a gun in the bag while coming to work. 

The Police were forced to issue an alert to shelter in place after a security threat near the US Capitol Building in Washington D.C. The incident occurred just before 8 am on December 9, 2021, at the Longworth House Office Building, south of the Capitol.

Who is Jeffrey Allsbrook? Gun Video Details Revealed

Jeffrey Allsbrook is the guy who brought a gun at the Longworth House Office Building, south of the US Capitol Building. He is also a Capitol Hill staff.

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Allsbrook’s age is 57 years

The security threat issued by the police has since been cleared. The gun video is yet to be released by the authorities.

The officers at a security checkpoint of the building spotted an image of a handgun in a bag on the x-ray screen. Soon after, they began searching for the owner. 

The U.S. Capitol Police sent an email warning about the security threat. The email asked the employees inside the building to seek shelter in the nearest office. The staff was also asked to find a place to remain quiet and hide.

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One of the reporters for ABC, John Parkinson, revealed further details about the incident. As per Em Nguyen, another ABC News reporter, the term “Security Threat, Security Threat” was on repeat on the building’s intercom, reports Audacy.

Was Jeffrey Allsbrook Arrested At Capitol Hill?

Jeffrey Allsbrooks got arrested by the police officers at Longworth House Office Building, Capitol Hill.

The police officers finally managed to track down the individual to who the gun belonged. Allsbrooks was spotted four minutes after the gun got found. 

Jeffrey is facing charges of carrying a pistol without a license. The authorities have not released further details about his arrest and the charges he is facing. 

An investigation regarding the case is still going on. The officers are looking into what exactly happened before the four minutes. They are also trying to find out what happened in between the time the gun got discovered.

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Further details about the case will be released once the police have more information.

Jeffrey Allsbrook Family And Net Worth Details Explored

Jeffrey Allsbrook’s family is yet to publicly comment on the case.

He has not revealed the information about his personal life as he is not a public figure and only works at Capitol Hill.

The details about Allsbrook’s net worth and salary are yet to be disclosed.

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