Who Is James Kondilios Canberra? Death From Covid as NSW Cases Spike

Who Is James Kondilios Canberra? Death From Covid as NSW Cases Spike
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Was James Kondilios based in Canberra? Tune in to find out.

James Kondilios, a data scientist from Canberra, passed away due to COVID-19. The 23-year-old had no underlying medical condition. In fact, he was also double vaccinated.

The news about his death has taken the internet by storm. His friends and colleagues have also paid tribute to him through various social media posts.

Let us learn about Kondilios in detail.

Who Is James Kondilios Canberra?

James Kondilios was a data scientist from Canberra. He was a graduate of ‘The Australian National University.’ Likewise, he had a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computational Biology.

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Kondilios talents were not only limited to academics but also branched up to powerlifting. In fact, he won a bronze medal in the Power Lifting World Championships in Finland. He represented his country on an international level and made everyone proud.

Death From Covid as NSW Cases Spike

NSW is currently seeing a surge in Covid-19 cases. According to the reports, the swabs taken for the testing of Covid have also increased rapidly.

Numerous people have lost their lives due to the virus, and James Kondilios is also one of them. After Kondilios tested positive for COVID-19, he was admitted to St Vincent’s Hospital.

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Kondilios lost the battle against the virus few days ago. He was only 23 years old at the time of his death and had no underlying medical conditions.

23 years old James Kondilios Wikipedia

James Kondilios’s bio has not been published on Wikipedia. However, you can learn more about him through his LinkedIn profile.

Prior to obtaining his advanced science degree from the Australian National University, Kondilios was a student at Waverley College. He started his professional career as an Intern in Airservices Australia. Similarly, he had the experience of working as a Junior Data Scientist in ‘ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology (PEB).

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Kondilios parted from the company after 3 years and joined the Department of Social Services.

Moving on to his achievements, Kondilios received a Science and Innovation Award for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in March 2019. He was also a part of the Intelledox Hackfest Winning Team (2018)

James Kondilios Family

Details regarding James Kondilios’s family have not been public. They have not made an official statement regarding James’ death. However, we will keep you updated.

Along with the public, we are also sending strength and prayers to James’ family and loved ones.

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