Who is Grace Louie? Where Is Mel Lastman Mistress Today?

Who is Grace Louie? Where Is Mel Lastman Mistress Today?



Who is Grace Louie? Mel Lastman had An Extra Marital Affair With A Bookkeeper

Grace Louie is the woman with whom Mel Lastman had an extramarital affair. Get more disclosure into the matter here below!

Grace Louie and the “Mega City Mel” Mel Lastman were involved in an extramarital relationship.

The two were in a 14-year-old secretive relationship unknown to the world.

The world came to know of the affair in 2000 when Lastman and his wife revealed the former relationship in a surprise press conference.

The news had shaken the whole of Toronto since it knew about their respected Mayor’s infidelity.

Who is Grace Louie? Where Is She Now?

Grace Louie is a woman in a long extramarital relationship with Mel Lastman.

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She is also the mother of two sons from the relationship.

Louie was a former Bad Boy employee; hence, the courtship among the two started.

Lastman was a successful businessman with his furniture company “Bad Boy” who later turned into an equally successful politician.

He was known for his colorful demeanor that attracted the crowds who voted him to be the 3rd North York Mayor from 1973 to 1997.

Moreover, the late Lastman became the 62nd Mayor of Toronto from 1998 to 2003.

Bad Boy Furniture was established in the mid-1950s known for its publicity stunts.

While Lastman had sold the company to enter into politics, it was later reclaimed by his legitimate son Blayne and turned into a national brand.

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In short, Grace Louie and Lastman met and took on a relationship during that time.

Aside from that, not much on Grace is known to the public, including her current whereabouts.

Grace Louie’s job position during her time with Bad Boy Furniture was never fully revealed.

Thus, she was not a bookkeeper at the furniture company.

Likewise, other rumors involving Mel Lastman having another extramarital relationship with an unknown bookkeeper cannot be confirmed yet.

Known for his humor, colorful, cheerful demeanor, and sometimes controversial statements, Lastman was still a crowd favorite.

Meet Grace Louie and Mel Lastman Children

Grace Louie and Mel Lastman gave birth to two children; sons Kim Nathan Louie and Todd Sheldon Louie.

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Kim was 42 years old, and Todd was 38 years old in 2000 when they made a public appearance claiming child support and filed a lawsuit against Lastman in 2000.

The news of the $6-million lawsuit hit a few weeks after Lastman had won the Toronto Mayor elections.

The Louie children claimed that despite being born to a successful father, they had to live their lives in poverty while the two sons of Lastman enjoyed a luxurious life.

However, the legal fight between the estranged father and sons was lastly won by Lastman.

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