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Who is Giana Vicosa? Robert Vicosa 7 Year Old Daughter Dead During Abduction

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Who is Giana Vicosa? Robert Vicosa 7 Year Old Daughter Dead During Abduction


Who is Giana Vicosa Mother? Robert Vicosa 7 Year Old Daughter Dead

Giana Vicosa was the daughter of Robert Vicosa, a wanted police officer who died during the abduction. Here’s where you can learn more about her kidnapping and death news. 

The search for a former Baltimore County police officer who kidnapped his young kids from their family home in Pennsylvania and went on the run with the aid of another cop concluded all four individuals died on Thursday. 

According to CBS News, retired officer Robert Vicosa, his two children Aaminah (6-years-old) and Gianna (7-years-old), also Sgt. Tia Bynum of Baltimore Country was shot to death in an SUV in west Maryland.

The search for the bistate began on Monday, and it lasted four days. 

Who is Giana Vicosa Mother?

Giana Vicosa’s mother is Robert Vicosa’s estranged wife, who Robert and Tia held hostage over the weekend. She was restrained and forced to consume a crushed painkiller tablet, smoke pot, and handle guns. The incident took place on November 14, 2021. 

According to her, Vicosa reportedly installed a tracker on her phone and advised her not to report him to the police. She drove for a bit before reporting to police in a nearby town.

However, the girls weren’t in the home, when the police arrived.

Additionally, it has also been known that, after their divorce, Giana’s mother, or Robert’s ex-wife, lived alone away from her abusive husband.

Who is Giana Vicosa? Robert Vicosa 7-Year-Old Daughter Dead

Giana Vicosa is the 7-years-old one of the daughters of Robert Vicosa. 

After their father abducted them from their home in Windsor Township on Monday, Vicosa was told by police to take the kids to any public area where the authorities may discover them.

That same day, cops believe Vicosa and Bynum carjacked a man at gunpoint, forced him to drive them around, then released him. That victim told CBS that he was tired, but he was more worried about Vicosa’s girls’ safety.

The pursuing police officers fired rounds at the criminal father and his sergeant crime partner, killing them both.

Following that, the officers came to find all four people inside had been shot. Three of them did on the scene, while Aaminah, Giana’s younger sister, was brought to the hospital in severe condition and later died.

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