Who is Elmer Stuart Rhodes Oath Keepers? Arrest Reports and More

Who is Elmer Stuart Rhodes Oath Keepers? Arrest Reports and More
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Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers, and his group got arrested on suspicion of seditious conspiracy. Discover more about the Yale Law School alumnus.

Elmer Stewart Rhodes III, the highest-ranking associate of an extremist alliance, is detained in the lethal insurgency.

According to reports, Rhodes’ group was prepared and willing to use force to carry weapons and ammo in the United States capital.

Rhodes was previously accused of giving hate speech and was frequently overheard saying things like, “We’re not getting through this without a Civil War.”

Who is Elmer Stuart Rhodes Oath Keepers?

56-year-old Elmer Stuart Rhodes is the founder of Oath Keepers. He is also a Yale-educated lawyer and US Army veteran.

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Oath Keepers, Rhode’s group, is a far-right pro-government militia established in Nevada in 2009, shortly after Barack Obama got elected as the President.

Elmer and the other members of Oath Keepers claim to be defending the United States Constitution.

However, it is found that the group motivates its members to defy orders that they assume violate US Law.

Why Was Elmer Stuart Rhodes Arrested? Arrest And Charges Reports

Elmer Stuart Rhodes of Granbury recently got arrested by federal authorities.

He was accused of seditious conspiracy in connection with his alleged involvement in the January 6 strike on the US Capital building.

Officials say Rhodes was apprehended shortly before noon in Little Elm, Texas. He is said to be the originator of the far-right militant squad Oath Keepers.

Ten other individuals, including a Texas man named Roberto Minuta, were apprehended in the same particular instance.

According to reports, Elmer’s radical group, Oath Keepers, traveled to Washington to prevent the certification of newly elected President Joe Biden’s glory.

Moreover, the extremist group had planned the attack a month in advance, in December 2020. They communicated using encrypted and private messaging apps.

Who Is Elmer Stuart Rhodes Wife?

Elmer Stuart Rhodes and his wife, Tasha Vonn Adams Rhodes, do not seem to get along.

Tasha applied to safeguard against Rhodes in Lincoln County, Montana, in 2018, accusing him of violent tendencies toward the household.

Elmer’s wife claimed in the petition that he had previously abused her and their teen daughter, even choking them. He was also accused of rashly flapping his pistol during assertions.

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The documents also revealed that Tasha Vonn Adams Rhodes had requested a divorce from Elmer only a few days before because she was downright terrified of him.

Elmer Stuart Rhodes Net Worth

Elmer Stuart Rhodes sits on a net worth of somewhere between $500,000 to $1 million.

Elmer Stuart Rhodes’ financial details are currently unavailable, so the given data is only an estimate.

Rhodes was a well-educated individual. He had graduated from Yale Law School. As a result, we believe he had a fruitful working career.

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