Who Is Duane Jackson Benedictine? Athlete Arrested For Shooting, What Are His Charges?

Who Is Duane Jackson Benedictine? Athlete Arrested For Shooting, What Are His Charges?


Duane Jackson is a junior year student and an athlete from Benedictine high school in Cleveland. Continue reading the article to discover what he was arrested for.

Duane Jackson, a football player from Benedictine was arrested from high school on Wednesday on the charge of shooting and murdering a thirteen-year-old boy.

The incident took place on December 11, 202, in Zeman Avenue.

Who Is Duane Jackson From Benedictine?

Duane Jackson is an athlete running back for Benedictine High School in Cleveland. 18 years of Jackson was charged with murder on Wednesday.

He is a junior in high school, who will graduate in the year 2023. With a height of five feet ten inches, he is excellent in football and plays on the school football team.

Benedictine Varsity Football Action – Duane Jackson 🏈 with a second touchdown in the first quarter.Nordonia 0Benedictine 135:54 left 1st Qtr pic.twitter.com/tooLsSEn7a

— Benedictine Sports (@BENE_ATHLETICS) October 22, 2021

Jackson was known for his speed and skill on the team, and the college even won a few games while he was on it.

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However, such a wonderful player and a student was arrested yesterday for murdering a thirteen-year-old boy. The motive behind the shooting and the murder is yet to be released by him.

Currently, Jackson is in custody for further investigation.

According to Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer, the case is extremely tragic, and detectives want to ensure that everyone involved is held accountable.

Following the investigation, Detective Steve Shubert states, “the inquiry is ongoing and more arrests are expected.

“We’re not done yet.”

Athlete Duane Jackson Arrested For Shooting Maurco Toler

The athlete Duane Jackson is arrested by the police for the drive-by shooting and murder of a 13-year-old boy, Maurco Toler, according to the FOX 8 I-Team.

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He was arrested at the high school on Wednesday morning, according to Euclid police.

18yr old, Duane Jackson played a crucial roll in the driveby murder of 13yr old, Maurco Toler. US Marshalls & police arrested Jackson while in school this morning (Wednesday January 12, 2021) on the charge of Complicity to Aggravated Murder. pic.twitter.com/Wfc1XzlZ0b

— The Whole Loaf🍞🧈 (@ObatalaStrength) January 12, 2022

As per the school authorities, they are relieved that no one was injured on the school premises as a result of the incident.

Toler was only 13 years old; who knows what hatred and feud existed between the two children at such a young age, that led to the killing.

He was shot multiple times during a drive-by shooting on December 11, according to police. When the shooting occurred, Toler was in the front yard of a friend’s home on Zeman Avenue.

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His bike was parked on the sidewalk.

What Are Duane Jackson Charges?

Duane Jackson is charged with conspiracy to aggravated murder of a thirteen years old boy. Regardless, the examination is not complete yet and according to police, there are more involved in the case than expected.

Hopefully, the police will catch the real culprit and the one behind all the incidents.

Furthermore, people are demanding the reason with Jackson, behind his action. What compelled him to pull the trigger.

We will update you with further information on the case as soon as more information is made available.

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