Who Is Drew Clinton From Illinois? Rapist Allegations By Cameron Vaughan: Age Parents IG

Who Is Drew Clinton From Illinois? Rapist Allegations By Cameron Vaughan: Age Parents IG


Drew Clinton from Illinois is reportedly set free despite committing a horrible crime.

Clinton has made the headlines for being an accused suspect for rape. However, recent reports claim that he has been termed not guilty.

Until now, the teenager has already spent five months in the county jail. As per Judge Robert Adrian, he has already faced enough punishment.

Who Is Drew Clinton From Illinois? Everything To Know

Drew Clinton hails from Quincy, Illinois. He has been under custody since August 2021.

Several netizens believe that Drew should face the mandatory sentence of four years. However, Judge Robert finds it excessive.

Indeed, the judge as well as the teenager are facing backlash on social media. Well, netizens are not quite happy with Robert’s decision.

Drew Clinton ADMITTED HE DID IT. There was plenty of dna & other evidence & this happens? Rape is the most violating thing that can happen to a woman. I had a friend in high school who woke up drunk at a party to a guy having sex with her. She never reported it bc of this fear.

— Big_Blonde_05 (@Big_Blonde_05) January 13, 2022

Moreover, the victim of the case was horrified after hearing the judge’s decision. Indeed, there are protests regarding his statement.

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Recently, Drew’s attorney begged ahead of the judge to overturn his guilty verdict. Even if it couldn’t be ignored, he appealed to reduce his sentence to four years.

Reportedly, Drew is supposed to be admitted to the Department of Corrections. However, Robert confirmed that he would instead be released from prison.

Drew Clinton Rapist Allegations By Cameron Vaughan

Cameron Vaughan has called Drew Clinton a rapist. She has accused the teenager of sexual assault.

According to the Daily Mail, Vaughan had passed out at a graduation party. Reportedly, she was so drunk that she couldn’t consent to sex.

* TW *….

16-year-old Cameron Vaughan has waived her right to anonymity to speak out, “I woke up at my friend’s house with a pillow over my face so I couldn’t be heard and Drew Clinton inside me.”#CameronVaughan #EndVAW #Misogyny#RapeCulturehttps://t.co/weoQgX523X

— Narcissistic Abuse Rehab (@narcabuserehab) January 13, 2022

The next she remembers is her head under a pillow and Drew sexually assaulting her. However, the boy confessed that the two slept together only after Cameron agreed to do so.

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Moving on, Vaughan believes that the judge’s decision was worse than Clinton’s assault. Indeed, she is devastated after the one who raped her is walking freely on the streets.

Drew Clinton Age: How Old Is He?

Drew Clinton’s age is 18 years old. He will reach 19 in 2022.

On the other hand, the victim, Cameron is 16 years old. Most probably, both are the students of Quincy High School.

Interestingly, Drew played football for his high school team. Multiple sources confirm that the incident took place on May 30, 2021.

Learn About Drew Clinton Parents

Judge Robert has accused Drew Clinton’s parents of the recent incident. He isn’t happy that his mother and father organized a boozy pool graduation party.

Vaughan says, “Judge Adrian basically said it was me + my parents fault that Drew raped me. [He] took his side on everything. The the DNA evidence, [Drew] admitting to it + all the proof + yet drew Clinton is free. He is a walking rapist let free because of judge Adrian.”

— Narcissistic Abuse Rehab (@narcabuserehab) January 13, 2022

Also, he claims the children’s parents were also responsible. According to the judge, teenagers like Drew and Cameron shouldn’t be allowed to drink.

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Can We Find Drew On Ig?

Drew Clinton was previously on Instagram as @d_clinton4. But, the teenager deleted his profile recently.

Also, we were unable to find his other social media accounts. However, Cameron is still on Facebook and didn’t hesitate to share her story there.

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