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Who Is Dr Daniel Stock? Mt Vernon School Board Video Explained! Biography, Images And Get All Details

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Who Is Dr Daniel Stock? Mt Vernon School Board Video Explained! Biography, Images And Get All Details

Who Is Dr Daniel Stock Mt Vernon School Board Video Explained!

Recently, a video on Twitter is going viral in which a certain doctor named, “Dr Daniel Stock” from Indiana State could be seen addressing a group of people at the ‘Mt. Vernon School Board Meeting.’ His long and detailed speech over the mismanagement of the Wuhan virus pandemic has surely won the heart of many, while some of the users could be seen praising the doctor, others are still not sure whether they should believe in the theories conclude by Dr Dan. The video of him talking about how people are doing things pretty wrong in the ongoing pandemic has caused a lot of debate as well.

Who is Dr Dan Stock?

The video of Dr Stock has been uploaded on a youtube channel named, “Indiana” and as of now, the video has garnered more than 427K views and 9.8K likes. In the 6 minutes, 42 seconds long video, Stock first introduced himself as a functional family medicine physician and sys that he holds great expertise in immunology and inflammation regulation and later could be seen claiming that he has treated 15 patients who were tested positive for the Wuhan pandemic. In the video, Doc talked about the inefficiency of the mask in blocking the virus and went on stating some claims that looked true at the first glance.

Dr Dan Stock’s Claims Reality

The doctor has certainly played the word game here and he is making a series of incorrect arguments, that any plain physician could tell contradicts his own theories. He claimed that continuing virus spreads by aerosol particles which are small enough to go through your mask, which is absolutely misleading. In fact, the reality is that it is true that aerosol particles play a role in the transmission of the ongoing virus, however, precisely how much is still not defined. Moreover, viruses do not travel as individual viral particles and they are in fact inside the aerosols and droplets, and that is what the mask block.

Twitter Users Reactions 

Well, looks like many of the tweeter users have taken a fancy on his little speech on how the use of masks in the ongoing pandemic is completely useless and as of matter of fact, several netizens could be seen appreciating him for pointing out loopholes in the entirely illogical ways we are handling a pandemic. However, there are still users or we would say rational users who took their time before jumping to any conclusions and discovered the analysis of Dr Dan completely baseless.

One user wrote, that some random dude named, Dr Dan comes out of nowhere doing pointless accusations on how the people are handling the pandemic. The users continued to write, he is not a specialist, not a scientist and just a basic family practitioner with a hand in dermatology. He would rather listen to Doctor Pimplepopper.” Well, to be honest, there is some touch of truthness behind these words, as indeed Dr Dan has just used the basic tactic of using a group of links to support his claims, however, in practicality most of the references used by him in the video are unsupportive and unrelated to his cases.

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