Who Is Claudia Marino? Benjamin Mendy Rumored Girlfriend – Are They Actually Dating?

Who Is Claudia Marino? Benjamin Mendy Rumored Girlfriend – Are They Actually Dating?


Who Is Claudia Marino? Benjamin Mendy Rumored Girlfriend – Are They Actually Dating?

Who is Claudia Marino? Learn about Benjamin Mendy‘s rumored girlfriend in this artifact.

Greek model Claudia had previously made the headlines for breaking COVID-19 rules. Again, she is in the spotlight after her rumored partner is under police custody.

Manchester City has released a statement claiming the suspension of footballer Benjamin. However, they will not make further comments until the investigation is complete.

Who Is Claudia Marino? Meet Benjamin Mendy Rumored Girlfriend

Claudia Marino is famous for being Benjamin Mendy’s girlfriend. However, their relationship is just a rumor.

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Recently, her rumored boyfriend, Mendy was charged with one count of sexual assault. Moreover, he is accused of four counts of rape.

Until now, the name of the victims hasn’t been released. Hopefully, the next update will feature detailed information about Benjamin’s case.

Well, we aren’t sure if Claudia is one of the victims. Looking at their pictures, they seem to have a great relationship.

According to The Guardian, the allegations took place between October 2020 and August 2021. Well, Mendy will appear at Chester magistrates’ court on August 27.

Until now, neither Benjamin nor Claudia have responded. However, the duo was found violating lockdown rules in January 2021.

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As reported by The Sun, the left-back had flown Marino from Greece to his home. Well, she stayed at least four days with Mendy and claims no troubles with her partner.

Are Claudia Marino And Benjamin Mendy Really Dating?

Claudia Marino and Benjamin Mendy haven’t confirmed their relationship yet. Thus, we aren’t sure if they are dating.

Looking at the footballer’s Instagram, he hasn’t posted anything related to his love life. However, his apology video in early 2021 reveals that he was referring to Marino as ‘his girl’.

Hopefully, Claudia will make her love life public soon. When she spent few days in Mendy’s home, she mentioned that he was single.

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So, we predict that they are just good friends. Thus, we believe Marino is also single and is focused on her career.

Is Greek Claudia Married? Everything About Her Husband

At the moment, we have no idea about Claudia Marino’s husband. So, we are clueless regarding her married life.

Moreover, we are unable to feature Claudia’s Instagram profile at the moment. Most probably, she has made it private.

Clearly, she doesn’t want to attract media attention amid the chaos. Currently, she is 22 years old and will soon celebrate her 23rd birthday.


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