Who Is Brinder Khakh Or Bobby Khakh? Death Cause and Obituary

Who Is Brinder Khakh Or Bobby Khakh? Death Cause and Obituary


Who Is Brinder Khakh Or Bobby Khakh? Find out all the latest deets on the man who has been making rounds on the web.

Brinder Khakh has received an official obituary from Necro Canada.

Meanwhile, he has intrigued netizens with his identity as the internet’s search topic is going crazy to find who really was he.

Though the late soul was not a public figure, he has still garnered tons of attention after his death.

Here are all the answers to your question regarding him.

Who Is Brinder Khakh Or Bobby Khakh?

Brinder Khakh aka Bobby Khakh was a Canadian man with South Asian roots.

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Although not much of his life is known to our sources, he was quite an outgoing person given his many mentions on social media.

He had a friendly bond with many people including the board of Peel District School.

In short, Bobby was known by many in Ontario who are now sad to grieve the untimely death of the star of their circle.

Brinder Khakh Or Bobby Khakh Obituary: Know His Death Cause

Brinder Khakh, also known as Bobby Khakh has received an official obituary from Necro Canada.

Aside from that, other sources or the Khakh family has not come forward tributing the death of Bobby.

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In the obituary, his death cause has not been mentioned or explained.

Thus, it may be due to an unforeseen accident or disease given his young age.

Moreover, some suggest that the jolly Bobby may have become a victim to the rising homicide cases in Canada.

Well, not much can be said about his death unless his family or any credible sources explain the reason behind his death.

His funeral is set on Sunday, November 28, at 3:00 pm on Brampton Crematorium & Visitation Centre.

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Follow Brinder Khakh Or Bobby Khakh On Twitter

Brinder “Bobby” Khakh was quite an active user of Twitter.

His account is still available on the platform under the username @BobbyKhakh though, it is private.

The account has shared a whopping 23k tweets though the followers’ count is on 400.

Per his Twitter bio, the ate Bobby celebrated his birthday on February 18 every year.

Moreover, he was wished by many on his special occasion.

It is quite a toll upon his associates who are now mourning in private.


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