Who Is Brandon Wilson From Darwin? Death Cause and Accident, Here Is His Story

Who Is Brandon Wilson From Darwin? Death Cause and Accident, Here Is His Story


Brandon Wilson from Darwin lost his life in a car accident in 2018. His family shared the tragic story with the public. Here is the story of late Wilson.

Brandon was a male student and the son of beloved parents, David And Janet Wilson. He was everyone’s favorite, whoever was close to him.

In late 2019, the late Wilson parents contacted the Motor Accident Compensation Commission (MACC) and the Northern Territory Government to discuss and share the story of his son’s tragic death.

When the tragic accident took place on August 14, 2018, Brandon Wilson was not wearing a seatbelt, and his injury, as a result, led him to death.

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If Brandon has worn a seatbelt at that point, then he might get a mere injury and survive. He was 21 when he took he closed his eyes and left the earthly body. 

Who Was Brandon Wilson From Darwin?

Brandon, aged 21, passed away on August 12, 2018. When the accident took place, Brandon was not wearing a seat belt. 

As per the source, Brandon was terribly injured in a car rollover accident on the Roper highway near Mataranca. 

Moreover, he was the son of Janet (mother) and David Wilson (father). Both parents are indeed heartbroken from his sudden demise but want to raise awareness and prevent the accident from happening by sharing the tragic story of their son’s death due to a car accident. 

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As noted by the source, Brandon’s parents approached the MACC and NT government to release the tragic story of their son’s accident publicly. 

Here Is Brandon Wilson Story And Cause Of Death Explained

Brandon Wilson was a 21-year-old boy from Darwin. He was driving without a seatbelt which led him to lose his life due to a car crash. 

You can watch the 30-minute documentary on YouTube as well. The parents spoke out the tragic news to raise awareness and the importance of safe driving. Their main motive is to prevent the other road accident from happening through their story. 

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Every day, tons of road accidents occur knowingly or unknowingly. People knew that wearing a seatbelt was mandatory, but they never follow the rules. We can stop the road accident if we all are into it.

As per the NT News, the Wilson death accident has become a documentary show now. The program was hosted by Karl Stefanovic on November 21 last year. This powerful yet highly informative 30-minute documentary features interviews with Brandon’s family, including friends, teammates, workmates, first responders.

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