Who Is Arnold Babcock And Is He Arrested? Man Trespassed Into Kendall Jenner, Issue Explained

Who Is Arnold Babcock And Is He Arrested? Man Trespassed Into Kendall Jenner, Issue Explained
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A trespasser named Arnold Babcock, while trying to meet Kendall Jenner, was taken into custody by the police.

Arnold Babcock is the trespasser, reported by the media, who tried to meet Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner, as the popular model and media personality, has millions of fan following and many are eager to even see the lady.

While some wait for the perfect chance to get face to face with the lady, there are some who try to force their way into her surrounding to meet her.

It was one of those moments where a man tried to go to her apartment when he was stooped by the gatekeeper.

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Babcock is not the only one who has infringed in order to see Kendall in recent times as few others have also done something similar.

Who Is Arnold Babcock?

Arnold Babcock is an American citizen who tried to trespass into Kendall Jenner’s house.

Sources further report that Arnold had tried to meet Kendall previously as well.

But he was not able to pass the guards and he tried once again in an attempt to come face to face with the American media personality.

His professional as well as personal backgrounds, besides his identity, are not revealed by the officers as they are still investigating the reasons behind the attempts.

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Is Arnold Babcock Arrested? Kendall Jenner Issue Explained

Arnold Babcock was arrested for trespassing into Kendall Jenner’s house but was released later without charges.

The gatekeeper stopped the man while he tried to force his way into Jenner’s house.

He detained the man until the police arrived at the scene.

The officers took him into custody and took him to the station.

But he was eventually released, a few hours later, for not having any specific grounds to conclude the motives behind the actions.

However, the officers are investigating Arnold.

How Old Is Arnold Babcock?

Kendall Jenner’s trespasser, Arnold Babcock’s age is 31 years old.

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Sources while reporting about the incident mentioned the man to be 31 years old.

From that, we can conclude his birth year to be in 1990 although his actual date of birth is unknown.

Arnold Babcock Instagram Photos

Arnold Babcock’s Instagram photos are undiscovered at the moment since his photos are not revealed.

Officers made sure not to release any details about the man, including his photos.

Because of this, the outer appearance of Babcock is not known and despite finding a few accounts with a similar name on Instagram, we can’t confirm his presence.


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