Who Is Amanda Hubble? Clovis High School Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity

Who Is Amanda Hubble? Clovis High School Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity


Amanda Hubble is a Clovis High School teacher who was arrested Saturday for allegedly having intercourse with a minor.

Amanda work as a music teacher at Clovis High School since August 2021 and the incidents allegedly happened with one child off-campus.

She is now rumored to be on leave pending the outcome of these charges, as the statement announced.

Who Is Amanda Hubble?

Amanda Hubble is a disgraceful teacher to have unlawful sexual intercourse with a child. She was arrested on Saturday for allegedly having sex with a minor by Clovis police.

The music teacher was arrested on grounds of two counts of unlawful intercourse and one count of oral copulation with a minor.

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The officers are working with Clovis Unified to investigate the incident further. The district said this case involves a single individual and that the incidents occurred off-campus.

She has worked for the Clovis Unified School District as a choral teacher since August 2016 and then from August 2021, she joined Clovis High School.

Only after 3 months into her new position, she has been caught having sex with a minor.

This was her first school year working at the high school level after previously teaching music to elementary school students.

It was unclear if the minor involved in the allegations is one of Hubble’s students. The student’s information is also not revealed due to privacy issues.

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Clovis High School Teacher Amanda Hubble Arrested For Inappropriate Activity

Amanda Hubble, The Clovis High School teacher was arrested for inappropriate activity with a minor.

While working as a music teacher for Clovis High School, she might have started an affair with the student. Though, it has yet to know, if the student she had sexual relations with is her own student or not.

Authorities claim it happened off the campus but the real truth has yet to be revealed soon.

The police also said it happened more than once and are investigating furthermore on the case.

She now faces charges for having an alleged relation as having a relationship with a minor is considered statutory rape. The punishment can be of 364 days in jail and a fine of $1,000.

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If the minor is 16 or older but not over the age of 21, the felony statutory rape charges can carry up to three years in county jail.

Amanda Hubble Age: How Old Is She?

Amanda Hubble is 31 years of age. So far her birth details are a little hazy as there is not much information available on her.

For Hubble’s family members, the information is also not available at the moment but it will soon be updated as the investigation is carried out.

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