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Who Are Young Dolph Kids? Son Tre Tre Thornton and Daughter Aria Ella Thornton

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Meet Young Dolph Kids: Son Tre Tre Thornton and Daughter Aria Ella Thornton


Who Are Young Dolph Kids? His son Tre Tre Thornton and Daughter Aria Ella Thornton often get featured on their mother’s Instagram. Here is what we know about Dolph’s children so far.

Dolph was an American rapper who was shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee, on Wednesday. He was gunned down at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies, a local cookie store. A car pulled up outside the store and fired the shots twice, killing the rapper.

The rapper songwriter released his highly successful debut studio album, King of Memphis, in 2016. Young was one of the first rappers to put Memphis, Tennessee on the hip hop map before other younger hitmakers arrived. This wasn’t the first time the rapper had been attacked, he had to get a bulletproof vehicle as he had been targeted before.

Who Are Young Dolph Kids?

Young Dolph leaves behind two kids after his passing. He had two children, a son, and a daughter, with baby mama Mia Jayes, reports The Sun.

Jayes frequently posted pictures of her children and family on Instagram. In one of the posts, she even called her family a vibe.

He mainly posted about his music career and did not post much of his children on social media platforms. However, he never hid his personal life and often talked about his love for his partner and children.

After the news of his death was announced, several people took social media to share their deepest condolences.

Meet His Son Tre Tre Thornton

Young Dolph’s son is Tre Tre Thornton.

Tre Tre was born on June 20, 2014. His mother did not start posting on Instagram until after he was born.

Meet His Daughter Aria Ella Thornton

Young Dolph’s daughter is Aria Ella Thornton.

Aria Ella was born in April 2017. Mia Jaye shared the news of her daughter’s birth on Instagram.

Who Is Mia Jayes?

Mia and Young never got married and had been dating for several years. She often posted about him on Instagram. She posted a Happy Father Day post for Dolph, in 2018 appreciating and thanking him.

The couple first met while Mia was working for a boutique Commerical Real Estate firm. She founded Fresh Start Kidz, Inc., after leaving the firm to follow her passion. She has also self-published a book and expanded her entrepreneurial spirit.

She has a podcast “Mia Jaye’s Toolbox” and started her product line “MOM-E-O,” a brand for mothers.

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