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Who Are Noel and Susan Nicholson? Jimmy Nicholson Parents Names Revealed

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Who Are Noel and Susan Nicholson? Jimmy Nicholson Parents Names Revealed


Who Are Noel and Susan Nicholson? Jimmy Nicholson Parents Names Revealed

Noel and Susan Nicholson have been revealed as Jimmy Nicholson parents. Get to know them from the article below.

Jimmy Nicholson is extremely close with his parents. The Bachelor Australia 2021 star has opened up about his family plenty of times.

Nicholson has revealed that he belongs to a mixed ethnicity race. He has a Newzealand and Fijian heritage but holds an Australian nationality.

The reality star is set to choose his partner very soon on the show. The beautiful ladies could be finalist are Brooke Cleal and Holly Kingston.

Noel and Susan Nicholson: Jimmy Nicholson Parents

Jimmy Nicholson’s father Noel Nicholson also works in the aviation industry. His old man is a veteran airline pilot and engineer of Qantas.

Lately, Noel has found a career in the luxury real estate business. But still, he flies to the countryside during his off time.

Besides, Jimmy’s uncle was also a pilot. He was tragically passed away when Jimmy was only eight.

Family tragedies have rocked The Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson’s past. However, all the members have remained optimistic.

Nicholson also revealed that his mother was hit by a truck while on her bike. She trained for a triathlon almost four years ago.

After the accident, Susan suffered injuries to her face and underwent surgery. She has recovered and returned to doing triathlons.

Previously, Susan also participated in Sydney North Tournament. Her current team is Warringah Waves.

Furthermore, the reality star also revealed that two of his family members also died of cancer.

Noel and Susan Nicholson Age Difference

Jimmy Nicholson’s parents Noel and Susan Nicholson have not revealed their age.

Since Jimmy is already in his thirties, his parents must be somewhere in the sixties.

However, we still remain unaware of the birthday details of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson also including their son’s.

Besides, his parents, Jimmy also loves his sister Dr. Tahnee Nicholson. She is married to Oscar Suris-Ramon and has a one-year-old son, Brad.

Meet Jimmy Nicholson Parents On Instagram

For now, only Jimmy Nicholson’s dad could be discovered on the Instagram platform

He is active with the handle name @noel_nich. Although, the account remains private and inactive for a long time.

Jimmy often shares his memories on Instagram. His username is @jimmynicholson and the verified account has over 23 thousand followers.

The pilot and his family currently reside in Plam Beach, Sydney.

Jimmy had a long relationship but now he is broken up. He is searching for a new life partner on The Bachelor Australia 2021.

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