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Where Is Natalie Morales Going To Work Leaving The Talk? Take A Look At Her Personal Life

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Where Is Natalie Morales Going To Work Leaving The Talk? Take A Look At Her Personal Life
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Natalie Morales is an American journalist who is the co-host of The Talk. Is She leaving The Talk to join a different news channel?

CBS Daytime show, The Talk co-host Natalie Morales might be leaving the show just after a month, according to various reports on Twitter. The veteran journalist left NBC News to join the CBS show in October 2021.

However, several reports have said that the reporter is set to leave the show just after a month of involvement with it. No official confirmation has been released yet and we are very sorry to keep you in a loop.

Natalie Morales Journalist: Is She Leaving The Talk?

Natalie Morales has not left the CBS show, The Talk until now.

However, a lot of rumors have been surfacing on the internet about her potential exit from the Daytime show. But neither the corporation nor the reporter herself has made any comments regarding her exit.

So as of now, Natalie Morales is still the co-host and moderator of the CBS show, The Talk. She joined the network in October 2021.

Natalie Morales Husband: Everything About Her Kids And Family

Natalie Morales is married to Joseph Rhodes, her husband for more than 23 years.

The couple tied the marital knot in 1998 and has shared a happy conjugal life ever since. In addition to that, they are blessed with two wonderful children.

Speaking of her kids, her first son, Josh was born in 2004. Likewise, she gave birth to her second son, Luke Hudson in 2008.

The family currently resides in Brentwood, California

Natalie Morales Age And Wikipedia

Natalie Morales is currently just 49 years of age. 

A well-renowned journalist for more than 22 years, she has a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography as well.

Moreover, Morales has been actively involved in journalism since 1994.

Besides that, she is also a runner, who has competed in five marathons. As a result, the journalist has been featured in many articles and also in the cover of the Triathlete Magazine. 

Natalie Morales has deleted her Instagram account at the moment for whatever reasons. We are still awaiting confirmation.

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