Where Is Michael Humphrey Now? Snake Breeder Murdered – Lynlee Renick Boyfriend Whereabouts

Where Is Michael Humphrey Now? Snake Breeder Murdered – Lynlee Renick Boyfriend Whereabouts
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Where is Michael Humphrey now? Let’s look at the assassination of snake breeder Ben Rick by his wife Lynee Renick, and was assisted by her ex-boyfriend.

A prosecutor claimed Monday that a Missouri woman shot and murdered her husband at his snake breeding business because she was the beneficiary of his $1 million life insurance policy, which would have benefited her financially ailing spa.

Following that, Lynlee Renick is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her husband, Ben Renick, in June 2017. On Monday, both the prosecution and the defense made their opening remarks.

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She first informed authorities that one of her husband’s snakes had killed him at his New Florence breeding and sales business.

Investigators suspected an intruder killed Ben Renick after bullet casings were discovered at the location. His wife was not prosecuted until January 2020, after investigators received information from an ex-boyfriend that she had murdered her husband.

Where Is Michael Humphrey Now? Lynlee Renick Boyfriend

Lynlee Renick’s boyfriend, Michael Humphrey, has been convicted for first-degree murder after being found guilty in October. He may be in police custody right now.

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On January 3, 2022, he is scheduled to be sentenced.

Prosecutors agreed to decrease his sentence provided he testifies against Lynlee Renick. He also directed detectives to the murder weapon.


Lynlee Renick Boyfriend – Snake Breeder Murdered

Tim Hesemann, a defense attorney, claimed that Michael Humphrey, another of Lynlee Renick’s ex-boyfriends, was responsible for Ben Renick’s murder. He admitted that Lynlee Renick was with Humphrey on the night of the murder, but that she was not present when her husband was shot.

In addition, prosecutor Kelly King stated in her opening statement that Lynlee Renick and Ashley Shaw, a spa employee, named Humphrey as a suspect in the murder.

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Ben was selling his snake breeding company for an estimated $1.2 million when he was murdered.


Who Is Michael Humphrey?

Lynlee Renick’s ex-boyfriend Michael Humphrey assisted her in the murder of Ben Renick, a snake breeder, and Lynlee’s husband.

The local authorities have not yet disclosed any of his details on the internet to protect the case’s secrecy.

As a result, most of his personal information is hidden on social media.

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