Where Is Mclovin “Andrew Perloff” Going, What Happened To Mclovin’s Wife?

Where Is Mclovin “Andrew Perloff” Going, What Happened To Mclovin’s Wife?


Where is ‘Andrew Perloff’, alias Mclovin, going? He is an infamous journalist who has been a part of The Dan Patrick Show for 12 years. 

The Dan Patrick Show is a sports talk show that debuted on September 13, 1999. Mclovin actually deserves all of the credit for the show’s 22-year run of popularity.

He had previously worked as an ESPN presenter before joining the show in 2009.

Dan Davis, Rob Dible, Keith Olbermann have been guests in his show.

McLovin will really be known as Mclovin even after he departs the program because of his four Emmy Award nominations and outstanding contributions in various sports periods.

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Where Is Mclovin “Andrew Perloff” Going?

Andrew Perloff, aka Mclovin, will host a new sports show. He hopes to co-host the CBS Sports Radio show with Maggie Gray. 

Mclovin is now no longer a part of the Dan Patrick Show; he’d been a part of the Dan Patrick Show for more than a decade. 

Mclovin earned a lot of love and support from the audience throughout his time as one of the Danettes.

His new show is scheduled to air on CBS Sports Radio from 3 to 6 p.m.

Furthermore, Mclovin will always be present for his listeners because of his unique presentation style and way with words.

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On December 23, Perloff’s farewell appearance with Patrick and the Danettes will take place.

Patrick has not opened up about whether the program will replace Perloff’s seat.

However, he made it clear that he could not replicate what Perloff provided to the show.

What Happened To Mclovin’s Wife?

Andrew Perloff and his wife, Sarah, have been living happily. He resides in a Brooklyn Heights apartment with his family.

The couple is blessed with daughters: Lucy and Ema.

It is scarce for the journalist to mention his wife and family on media.

However, he does post their photos often.

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He is a great parent who takes his kids on a timely vacation.

Mclovin AKA Andrew Perloff Net Worth Explored

Mclovin, aka Andrew Perloff’s net worth, must be in the $2-$4 million range, according to various sources. It can be seen from the way he lives with his family.

As he will be doing a new show on January 3, he is likely to add more to his finance in the future.

On the other hand, Andrew is in his forties and has amassed a more incredible wealth of family, friends, and followers.

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