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Where Is Jennifer Capriati Now In 2021? Tennis Phenom Drugs Scandal And Update Today

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Where Is Jennifer Capriati Now In 2021? Tennis Phenom Drugs Scandal And Update Today

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Retired tennis player, Jennifer Capriati is now in Florida. In 2021, she relishes a peaceful and jubilant life.

Jennifer Capriati is a renowned former tennis player and a gold medalist Olympian. She is also the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Capriati gained fame after winning Junior Orange Bowl twice when she was 12 and 14 years of age. At 13, she debuted professionally from the hard-court tournament in Florida.

In the same year, Jennifer made up for the semifinals of the French Open. She also competed in the 1993 US Open and won a gold medal in the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Capriati was found shoplifting and in possession of marijuana. After that, her story was covered by every news source and it led to the fall in her rankings.

In 1998, Jennifer won her first-ever Grand Slam singles title. Following that, she won two other Grand Slam titles and the 2001’s French Open and Australian Open as well.

Capriati’s ranking ascended and she became the World No.1 tennis player. She finally retired from her glorious career in 2004.

Where Is Jennifer Capriati Now In 2021?

As of now, Jennifer Capriati is enjoying a comfortable life in Florida.

After retirement, she appeared on ABC’s reality show, The Superstars. However, she could not continue it because of the re-aggravation of her former injury.

Since then, Capriati has been staying away from the limelight. In 2021, she is based in Florida and lives a comfortable life with her hard-earned money.

Jennifer Capriati Drugs Scandal Explained

In the past, Jennifer Capriati fell into controversies for the drugs scandal.

She was arrested for possession of marijuana on 16 May 1994. She then entered a drug counseling program and continued playing until 2004.

Previously, Capriati was charged with shoplifting a ring from a mall kiosk. The ring was worth $15 and she mentioned that she accidentally picked it.

In 2010, Jennifer was immediately rushed to South Florida Hospital. She accidentally overdosed on her prescription medicine.

 Besides that, there is no news relating to Jennifer Capriati and the drugs scandal.

Jennifer Capriati Partner: Is She Married?

Jennifer Capriati is not married and she has not shared anything about her partner.

She dated a fellow player, Xavier Malisse in 2000. Next, she was in a romantic relationship with actor, Dale DaBone from 2003 to 2009.

Following that, Ivan Brennan became Capriati’s boyfriend. She reportedly followed and struck him due to which she was charged with battery and striking.

Later on, the charges were dropped but Jennifer had to complete 30 hours of community management and 4 hours of anger management classes.

Jennifer Capriati Coach: How Is Jennifer Capriati Related To Richard Williams?

Tennis player, Jennifer Capriati was trained by reputed coaches.

Jimmy Evert coached her from the age of 4 to 9. After that, Rick Macci trained her from when she was nine to thirteen years old.

Finally, Capriati got her third and most influential coach, Tom Gullickson.

Jennifer is not related to Richard Williams. But in 2002, she criticized him following disrespectful remarks made by him.

Richard is the father of former tennis players, Venus and Serena Williams.

Tennis Player: Jennifer Capriati Net Worth Exposed

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Jennifer Capriati has a fortune of $6M.

She began playing tennis at the young age of 4. Throughout her career, she won several championships, titles, and earned hefty prize money.

Currently, Capriati is enjoying her retired life in Florida.


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